Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not the best day...

 Well the day started out the same for Loggy and I.  Not great.  I didn't get much sleep...anxiety over money and stuff....and poor Lo thought he got a promise for a treat after eating his bfast (from daddy) and when he realized that wasn't happening, he sorta lost it...and threw food on the ground...and wouldn't clean it up.  A call to daddy ensued...and some tough love.  Poor Lo.  I felt for the buddy a little.
 But we cheered up when we went to eat an early lunch with our crazy Asher. :)
 He friends are just as crazy as her....though one was in a fight with her and her other friend...something over a playground mishap. Oh the drama of 1st graders!
 Ya' can't say we don't have fun :)
 Our fav. thing to do on nice tball!  He has a great swing!
 Good grief...this is so not necessary...too much candy...from vday and Easter...these bags hold a lot and we have already eaten half of it (which would have filled another bag)...but this is what I found in the pantry today...tooooooo much...and I eat most of it!
 awww...wish I had gotten a better shot, but my phone died.  Holding hands at by the creek at was her job to watch over him. She was doing a good job!
 Looking at tadpoles and throwing rocks.
 Shelb's new pose in it "the flamingo"?
 Loving swinging at the park during soccer practice!

 Our soccer boy....glad to be back on the field after 3 canceled practices/games.
I am over cleaning up messes. I had this whole room cleaned up a few days ago...and it takes no time at all for tornadoes to blow through.  Tired of it.  But Nina is babysitting tomorrow....can't have a mess for her to trip over....

Hoping tonight is a better night of zzzzz's.....lack of sleep just does me in.

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