Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our Usual Tuesday

 Well, we were in our regular routine today...the library routine.  I was going to skip today, just because I wasn't feeling up to social interaction....but this will be the last story and craft time we do this month due to our impending FL trip. So...off we went.  I love this pic of Lo....while I still do not like his buzzed "do"...sometimes his hair is styled just so and it makes me smile and strikes me as cute.  This was one of those times. Cutie-pa-tootie!
 Last time seeing the train table for awhile.  We had it to ourselves for a few minutes....then a thief came. I should have taken a pic of what unfolded, but I wasn't even aware of it.  Logan had brought a green matchbox car today and this one kid he always fights with, took it.  Logan came over to me and said the kid took something of his, but I assumed it was a train...and we have to share the trains, of course, so I told him to share!  I didn't notice he had stolen his car til later on.  And the kids was nasty about it. He knew it was Logan's and he hid by his mom who was oblivious and talking to someone else. When we asked for it back the kid rain across the library and his mom had to chase him down.  Made me feel a bit better about Logan and his drama sometimes :)  We got the car back and all was well.  Phew.  Library drama!
 Craft time was simple today....just drawing on paper that was on the wall (or rather on the side of tables).  Cute idea.  Logan loved it!
 He traced his own hand. He loves to do this!
 Awww...what a cute 3 year old hand this is.  And he attached it to the rest of his drawing by putting a line on it :)  Smart!  Almost like Spiderman!
 And then the bully kid came and drew all over his drawing and hand artwork....go figure.
 But we forgot about the library bully when we got a free cookie at Kroger. They have not been handing them out, but Logan asked for one himself today and the bakery man gave it to him.  YAY!
 We were not going to nap today, but it just worked in the schedule...zzzzz's were nice!
 And only a few more weeks of lessons with our wonderful teacher.  She is teaching Shelby ways to have better posture, which is very imp. in violin!
She was proud of Shelb for learning a new song all by herself this weekend.  Like I said...if she puts her mind (and practice time) to work....she can do great things! 

That was our Tuesday...oh-so-exciting!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Sometimes the mundane day/ usual routine is the best day! Not only am I used to Logan's new haircut, I am kinda liking it now!!! It shows off his great face and his ever so sweet smile!!! Love it when he gets that twinkle in his eyes!!! :) I am so proud of Shelby I could burst!!! She is seeing how hard work pays off! A wonderful lightbulb moment! :) Mom