Friday, April 22, 2016

Shopping, a day with Pops and dinner with an "old" friend...





Well the Internet is down here at la casa de Gritter, so there will be no pictures tonight. Bummer.  But I am taking that as a sign that I should go to bed, which is probably a good thing.  I can assure you that we had another lovely So. Fla day. Nina and I had our fav sawgrass shopping spree with our fav shopping buddy, SS Sharon!  And while we were there, Pops and Loggy were living it up doing guy things. I wish I could post the pics. Looks like they had a busy, but fun day. And apparently Lo was a well-behaved and poop-free 😬 Lucky Pops!  And this evening I met my "ol" FLCS pal at chick Fila with our crazy kiddos. We raised a ruckus there, but had a good ol' time. Hopefully I can post pics tomorrow once the internet's back up.  Thankful it's the weekend so my hubby can get a little rest from the crazy routine back home. He's a rockstar for doing all that he did this week!!  Love him!!!

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