Saturday, April 9, 2016

So proud of our Violinist!

 I am going to add onto to this tomorrow with words (I promise!), but all I am going to say tonight is how INCREDIBLY proud I am of this beautiful violinist. She did AMAZING with her solo today.  She worked so hard the last week learning this difficult piece and she did it. All the hard work and hours of practice paid off.  She played so beautifully!  And we had fun after celebrating our Shelb and her accomplishment. Way to go, Shelby Grace!  You rocked today!
Ok, I'm back to add to this post!  I wish I could just post a video of her playing bc it was wonderful!  But I am not big on you-tube, so pics will have to do!  I love the first pic above that I took after her concert.  We were a bit rushed beforehand trying to get there so I didn't take any pics (which I think made Shelb happy...she is starting to be as non-picture-happy as Hays! Oh boy!)...and the above pic is of her after getting her violin tuned.  Look at that beautiful to a beautiful girl! They go together well!
She was about midway through the group of kids playing.  I think this is the most relaxed she has ever looked while playing. She said she was nervous before and was playing in the hallway, which she has never done...but you wouldn't have known it once she started to play!  Gorgeous tone!
All the teachers watching from the sidelines :)  I was just so proud of her. She played amazingly well!  With such confidence and good sound.  I thought it was a very tough piece, especially with timing the music right with the piano.  A week ago she didn't even know the piece or have it memorized.  I was not sure she would be able to play it by this weekend.  But she proved us all wrong! Go, Shelb!
I didn't actually know the name of the song til today...we just called it the "first song in Suzuki book 4" :)  But it was Concerto No. 2.
Someone fell asleep right after her solo...actually Hailey's friend, Star, played her solo and then her brother played too and Lo fell asleep during that.  I guess that's a good sign of a song well-played!
Afterwards we had to take a pic with her teacher, Tze-ying.  It will be the last solo we play with her. She is moving out of state in a month. So sad. She has been a wonderful, patient, yet challenging teacher for Shelb. 
Nina and Poppy graced us with their presence!
And a nice family shot...ignore D's face and sleepy Loggy :)
We celebrated at Red Mango (Shelb's choice)--thanks Nina and Poppy!  I think Shelb had some pomegranate and white chocolate concoction?
The yogurt feasting gang...Sue Sue was there too! We love our Sue Sue!
While Nina and Poppy took Shelb to the mall to exchange some shoes, we made a lil' surprise treat for her...our own cookie cake.  Ash decorated, while Lo organized my cake decorating supplies :)
?????  Hmmm...someone needs to take a few cake-decorating classes....not sure what this says??
She was super excited about her mini-cherry pie that we gave her!  She apparently really loves cherry pie these days (probably thanks to her best bud, Sydne, who loves pie!).  They were a bargain at Kroger...10 for $10!  Kev said I should have gotten 10!
Her celebratory goodies :)
I forgot to give her flowers at the she got them in the van.
The revamped cookie cake...can you tell what it says? We tried to spruce it up with gummy bears :)
  Ash looks unsure....
Go Shelb!
Still hard to make out what it's "Congrats" and 3 musical notes with two pink flowers....can you see it now?  I think it looks like Congrats Yum....which also works :)
I had a hot date with this guy on our van-ride alone to get Avers Pizza! Hey, we take what we can get these days!
Feasting on her dinner choice....we are all about fancy meals around here lately!
And chillin' watching movies.  They had to watch Scooby upstairs...well, Ash chose to watch Disney channel on the ipad bc we thought Shelb's movie choice was too scary for them.
While we watched MockingJay 2.  Shelb had wanted to see it and we rented it last week, but never had time.....and below is Ash yesterday morning on the way home from her friend's bday party...she had the best time falling in a creek and playing with her friends...

I just have to say again how extremely proud I am of my Shelby and her violin dedication. I think if she applied herself even more, she could be super amazing.  These last couple weeks showed me that if she takes the time to practice and pushes herself a little, anything is possible.  I hope she takes that to heart!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Congratulations Shelby on a fabulous performance! Mom sent me a video of it and I am so impressed with the difficulty level and your expertise in playing it so beautifully! I cannot wait to hear it in person! Or at least on facetime for now!! See ya soon on the computer!LOve, Nina xoxo