Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break surprise recap

 So I thought in the midst of trying to do blogging earlier in the day, I would do a recap of things I have not been able to post about due to time.  Sooo.....this one will be a short's just of the day we left for NYC to surprise Hailey. (3-16)  I had hoped to do her actual bday post today, but that just didn't happen. I got caught up in cleaning up our bedroom and that just seemed way more important (and when I get an itch to clean I need to go with it bc it does not happen often!) ya' go....a few pics from our surprise spring break getaway.  Lo did not want to get up at 5am that fact he was up earlier and snuggled up next to us in bed. I am not big on kids sleeping in bed with us, but he sure cute all stretched out on daddy's side :)
 Ready to go!  I had hoped to take her a Sweet 16 balloon so she would see us right away when she got off the subway, but upon further thought I knew traveling with a balloon in the van for 15 hours and then having it in our hotel room and on the bus and on the subway was going to be more trouble than it was worth...but it would have been fun to try to get it there intact!  Instead, we just took a pic of it before we left. 
LOL...check out Lo's pose....very manly!
Ready to surprise our girl and embarrass her with all our green-ness and Sweet-16-ness! :)
NYC or bust! :)
 Digging into St. Pat's donuts...always a highlight of our trips...donuts!  Though this trip we actually did not have Dunkin' Donuts, much to the kids' dismay.  Bummer!
 Snoozin'...and mean ol' mom had to try Hailey's crown on him....tee hee :)
 Watch our think it's scary that Hailey is almost driving...Lo is not far behind!
 What our road trips look like. What happened to the days where you looked for punch-buggies out the window or license plates on cars!?  Now we are all on our electronics.  Well, I am not usually. I get car sick doing that.
 Lo fell asleep with his in his hand.
 Thumbs up fro Sheetz!  If you have not tried it, you should. It's a gas station, but inside you can order anything you want to eat on a computer screen and they make it fresh.
 It is Shelb's fav. thing to have...she orders a sub.  It's not as cheap as Wendy's, but sometimes you just need a change in routine.  Yumm!
The only way we could afford this trip (aside from getting a gift from my grandma!) was to stay in a cheap NJ hotel.  It was not at all the lap of luxury like we normally get in Times Square (thanks to Kev's parents hotel points), but I actually thought it was cozy....aside from being a little too close to the highway and a truck stop.  We got used to the noise...and at least they had a free breakfast!
 And truly...all the kids need is some good tv...and guess what they had?! Disney!  Jackpot!  They were glued.  Plus Lo just loved jumping on the beds :)
 And they had a microwave...and we had packed popcorn...double jackpot! The boys were thrilled!
 We just love squeezing in hotel rooms...6 people in one room....3 per bed usually...sometimes on the floor.  I know Hailey just wishes she had been there too! 
Tomorrow I will try to post pics of her actual bday!

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