Friday, April 15, 2016


 I don't know why, but this has been a long week...a hard week. I have not felt 100%...I have not sleep much,  I've been a little anxious about money and lack of time...blah, blah, blah...and that just makes for extra grumpiness.  I am glad the week is almost over.  But unfortunately it is ending with me alone...well, not w/o kids (that might not be so bad), but w/o my hubbs. He is out camping with the D-man and cub scouts.   So I am running solo with weekend activities with the girls and Loggy.  It's all good...I'm just gonna keep telling myself that...:)'s a few pics of our day....Lo wakes up ready to go...lately he loves puzzles, so he jumped into that this morning before bfast...
And then he moved onto trains....he loves his trains...especially when he's ON the train table--up close and personal with Thomas! :)  His big smile is for Hayeeee...we try to send her pics from time to time :)
Today was my day off. I needed it.  I did have to venture out to the store to get part of a bday gift...but mostly I just got caught up on things (I love and need days like this)...I made some Rice Krispie treats for the Hailey's dance the Boston ballet handbook.  blah blah....but my days are never blah blah with my Lo by my side...he's the best :)
He lined all our trains up on the window sill.  He played and played for was so sweet. He now does his own sound effects when's sooo funny :)
We had NO plans for naps today...but I think the best naps are that way...unplanned.  He slept so sweetly....and in the crook of his arm were his two fav. toys for the day....Dylan's toys, might I add :)  Only sorta creepy with his eye half open....
When did he get so big????
The big boys were off at camping and Shelb was at a party...and we just chilled and had "tv dinners"...nothing fancy, but we got the old cabin dinner trays out and ate our fancy smancy meal!
It was gorgeous out!  We had to take advantage of it!
We even did some yard work. If you know me this is my least fav. thing.  But we had this mulch sitting outside for a week and had to get it out of our garage.  I think the last time I mulched was when Hailey was a baby, but we got it from a friend as a fundraiser. It might very well be the last time we mulch. Money is tight.  But Lo had fun helping me with his Mickey shovel!  He's a hard worker!
He might have gotten more mulch on the cement than the mulch area, but at least he had fun doing it! :)
Mommy's little helper!
He got a little miffed at Ash whens she tried to boss him around and use his shovel. 
Awww...sweetness....working hard together!
LOL....they look like serious mulch spreaders, don't they?  I'd hire them!
A little chalk and roller blading. I really needed Hailey here...I had no idea how to get those blades on Ashley's feet.  I tried for 10mins.  Good grief!
And a bday/goodbye party for one of our oldest and bestest friends...can you even spot Shelby...and Cami?  They are moving to FL soon...I am soooo sad.  Soooo sad.  Kim is one of my dearest and best friends.  The only saving grace in that I can hopefully see them every time we go to FL.  We are going to miss them terribly!

So, that is our day. TGIF (and Happy Tax Day!)! I just wish my hubby was home.....

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