Sunday, April 17, 2016

The camping boys are back...and other stuff....

 Ok, lame title for the post, but I am glad daddy and Dyl are back.  We missed them on this beautiful weekend!  Ash had the brilliant idea after church to have another picnic today for lunch in our back country :)  She put it all together and organized it.  It was a little warm and sunny (not really for me)...and too buggy for girly girl, Shelb....but it was yummy!
 We played a little kickball...yikes...go, daddy!  He obviously does not have Ballanchine in him.  No ballerina potential there!
 But he is a good kicker thanks to all those soccer days!
 Playing violin on a nice days is not the most fun....she was glum...but she did it anyway :)
 Ash was really motivated what, I don't know...but she even cleaned her whole bathroom!
 D had the busiest weekend ever....and he got to go to a party of his best girl today (the female version of himself)...
 They made their own cupcakes...and got 2nd place with his best bud, Caden.
 While D was at his party, we decided to surprise him with something...can you guess what's going on?
 I packed Lo's part of the bag for FL....while Ash helped daddy....
 We had our first dinner of the season on the ol' back was another gorgeous day :)  Chili on a hot day...probably not ideal, but it was good...well, aside from the bugs I found in our cooking pasta....thankfully found those before I mixed them with the chili.  Bugs haunted us today...probably bc Shelby was so dramatic about them!
 More outdoor fun after dinner...
 Someone likes to tie things to everything....
 Almost done!
 Surprise!  I think he was actually surprised bc he has been waiting for this for like 3 months since his bday.
 He got the new desk all set up pronto!  One happy guy!
 Someone is going to miss his daddy this next week!
 And it has been a long while since I've done a Hailey update...and she had a busy weekend so I actually have a few pics....on Thursday, she met up with her good friend, Julia, and fam from Bloomy.  Her bro lives in NYC and is in theater. He's awesome and so funny (as seen below in the pic) Anyway...I love that that this family always makes a point to meet up with Hailey when they visit...they are like a piece of home in NYC.  And they went to Shake Shack...our fav. place!

Another church friend was there fun!  Tony is the theater guy in the back...he could be a Ballanchine guy if acting didn't work out :)
And yesterday she met up with good ol' friend, Hadley, from Bloomy...who is there with our high school theater group. 
Taking selfies in the mirror at the Forever 21 in Times Square.
Awww, love this pic.  It's always fun when friends from home visit :)
 And tonight I am getting food pics from a bday get together for one of her ballet friends you know this is Hailey's specialty to send me food pics....but it did look like a good shake.
 Her and her bud, Naomi, who danced the same variation today for parents visitation.  I am waiting on a video, but I guess a shake pic will tide me over :)
 Cool Diner.
 Food looks good!  And below I think is was her bday.  They do have fun in those dorms, I guess :) that is our is done...I wish I had some camping pics, but my poor hubby's iphone met the creek last night...praying the bag of rice does the trick.  I had half my pics and videos on the phone...not to mention we cannot afford a new phone right now.  And now I focus on leaving for FL...2 more days and Lo and I will be there.  Can't wait!

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Nancy Gritter said...

LOL!! That is a GREAT soccer move/kick of Kevins!! Definitely NOT a ballet move!! haha Love that the "picnic" gene got passed down from Grandma, to me, to you, to the kiddos! Looks so peaceful and nice back there by the trees! :) YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Desk is assembled and looks so awesome!! Dyl looks VERY happy!! And the pics of Hailey and friends are awesome! She looks so much like you I cannot believe it! That is so awesome that Bloomy friends stop in to see her! You are blessed for sure!! See you in 2 days!! We are so excited!!!!! Love Ya, Mom