Sunday, April 3, 2016

We are minus 1 again

 Well, our NYC gal is back to her city home....and we are down one again.  Sigh.  We loved her back under our roof again for a week, but it was certainly not enough time. We could have used another week with nothing friends, no get-togethers, no parties, no holidays, no appts.  But that is just not the life our busy girl comes with.  So instead, we were up at 5am, gobbling down cereal and off to the airport to say goodbye.
 All packed and ready to go.
 She even drove herself to the airport....and she finished ALL her driving hours on this trip. This means that if she were to come home in June she could get her license by just showing up at the BMV with her driving log.  Unfortunately, she won't be home til mid-Aug.  But she will officially be a driver then!
 Hugs over the back seat of the van...the best kind :)
 Lo was asleep and woke up to find he was at the airport.  He was slightly confused and not happy to be saying goodbye to his Hayeeee...
 ...but off she went...on her own again.  Sad to see her go, but happy for her life away from home.  Unfortunately they had engine trouble on her plane so she was stuck in the plane for awhile...but she did make it home eventually :)
 So grateful for Nina and Poppy Stegs today.  They took the kids for the entire day so Kev and I could have the day off. We needed it more than anything...and the kids were so excited to hang with them too (and Bailey dog :))
 Seriously, best day ever.  3am caught up with me today....getting up at 3am and 5am on two different days....and all the craziness of the last week.  My brain and body just shut down. Unfortunately it shut down in the middle of church....but hopefully God understood :)  My heart was in the right place. My brain was just gone.  I fell into bed by 11am and slept and slept. It was wonderful. I haven't had a nap in a loooong time, especially one with just my hubby and no kids around.  We need more of this.  It was wonderful. We just chilled most of the day...and watched many episodes of Parenthood :)  It was so nice to sit in peace and quiet.
 Eventually we attempted to make it look like we had done something today...this was our post-party weekend mess. 
 And before we knew it the kids were back home...
 The girls shopped at Justice with Nina for summer stuff.  So grateful for this.  I just am no longer a shopper.  I hate it actually.  And Poppy hung with the boys.  And they played outside and had pizza and donuts and cupcakes...and just had a good ol' time.  We were so grateful they took the kids all day. It was much-needed...for us and the kids.
And tonight...her room is empty.  And we miss her.  But this is our life and we embrace it bc it's part of God's plan.  And we look forward to to the next time she is home---4.5 months from now.  Sleep well in the Big Apple, Hays!

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