Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A beautiful IU day!

Well, I have a few minutes so thought I'd update this blog post with words!  We had the most wonderful day at IU...I love that this is a tradition of is always a highlight! And so grateful the weather cooperated...bc it stormed pretty furiously in the evening!  I love, love, love this pic of Nina and Loggy! So sweet :)
Rewinding a bit to morning...Shelb finally finished her Biome on the Coniferous Forest.  Phew!  Nothing like last minute projects before school lets out.  Always the best time to have projects due...not!  But hers turned out great.  She worked hard on it...and we were grateful Poppy Stegs let us use some of his train trees.  I love the animals she added, especially the flying owl :)
The 6th grader with her final project of her elementary career!
Taking food to the staff lunch.  Soup and pie...special thanks to Nina for making the Key Lime pie...yumm!
Teacher gifts...our fav. wh. choc. snack mix...and roses from our bushes.  Poor Ash...she wanted to take mini cupcakes that were leftover from GS, but I dropped them on the floor as I was putting frosting on.  Have I mentioned mornings are not my best time.  Especially trying to cook and bake in the morning. Bad idea.  I get grumpier than normal.
Lo loves having a buddy to play with...he hearts his Nina!
Finally at IU....just the perfect day.  We always start in the same this creek...throwing rocks!  Nina is pretty good at this...she is an expert rock skipper, though I don't think she even showed us these skills this time around! We did laugh though to find a goldfish swimming in the creek with all the brown creek fish.  An IU student must have dumped it in there when they moved out last week!  Hope it survives!
We had to throw rocks at ever part of the creek...and a "woo woo" visited us :)
I love these's almost like he is copying Nina...monkey see, monkey do! funny :)
:) :)
Pointing at mommy...I think I had money at on my head.  Ya' gotta learn the tricks to get this wiggle worm to look at you!
Weird.  A grave at IU...someone must have buried an animal by the walkway here...flies were all something was rotting! :(  Such a pretty setting...and such a fun place to throw rocks...and watch the creek go by!
Trying to dam up the creek with rocks.
Another great pic of Nina and her Loggeeee!
And even a nice pic of me and my this kiddo!
One of my fav. things about our walks is all the beautiful flowers...IU is never lacking for pretty landscaping!  At our fav. Memorial Union!  YAY!
We planned well for the fountain today...and each of us had money!  Funny Loggy...he threw it all in at once...almost just dropped it in.  Nina was just starting to tell me what she knew he was going to do with it...
...and sure enough he reached over and dug it back out of the fountain!
Isn't fountain digging a crime?  A felon at only age 3! :)
Guilty, but looking oh-so-innocent!
But no worries...he threw it back in!
This time at the top where he couldn't get it!
And he left it there as his donation to IU :)
His new squinty-eyed smile....silly boy!
LOL...a selfie by the fountain...and it looks like the fountain is draining on Lo's head :)
He actually cooperated with the pics.....mostly.
rows and rows of pretty!
Nina's fav. place...the cemetery.
We always spot fun animals by the gravestones...this time it was a bunny!
We laughed that a couple trees has been dedicated 100 years ago...and then recently had been cut down. So there was a plaque there, but only a stump.  Poor trees! :(
The famous red IU clock.  Love all the fun IU landmarks on campus.
We don't often get over to the IU auditorium fountain, but we had more money burning a hole in our pocket.  Funny thing is he threw it all in at once before we even saw him do it!  Crazy kid!  He beats to his own drum for sure!
Cutie-pa-tootie!  Sitting by Venus's fountain! 
Love this boy.  Can't believe that in 2 years he won't be hanging at home with me and won't be able to easily do these IU walks.  Makes me sad sometimes how fast they all grow up!
We also fund a chipmunk who went down in his burrow in the ground...we tried to find him...but he was very sneaky!
Our fav. odd!  Nina and Loggy look they they found new dancing partners! :)
Putting stuff in the semi-small-statue's hand. 
Putting flowers on the lady's head.
Nina found a new friend :)
Chillin' with Herman. He was hot this day though...we hardly wanted to sit next to him bc he burned us.
We have never been in the gazebo since usually IU is bustling, but since school is out, we had free reign.  Such a pretty building....made so many years ago.  Very cool.  So is that boy in the window waiting patiently for his cc cookie!
Did you say "cookie"?
Of course, I will smile for a cookie!  Cute kid!
Mmmm...sweet success!
LOL...I can't remember what Nina said to him, but I think it was about this bench being over 100 years old. This was his reaction! haha :)
We missed the pretty red tulips that are usually at the gates...but it's such a pretty place regardless so have to get a picture or two...or three...
Cute!  He's such a happy boy.  And I love the clock tower in the back that kept going off.  Such a pretty campus!
Awww, love. 
Goofball and mom...who some might say is also a goofball! :)
One last selfie at the gates!  Funny boy was ready to go...and eat ice cream!
Looks better with tulips, but still so pretty.
One of our fav. downtown ice cream places...Hartzell's.  Lo double-fisted that ice cream!
Yumm...hit the spot after being outside in the heat for a couple hours!
LOL...cutest baby cone ever...the 47 cent cone! Perfect for Lo!
Then we raced off to school to see Shelb play with her strings group for a music program. SW theme song.  She did great.  Not sure about some of the others though.  There was some interesting bowing going on.
Nina went to violin again...this time it was group class. We were grateful she could do this so we could go home.  She and Shelb even went out to Mother Bear's pizza for dinner (jealous!) and shopping for a grad. dress.  They had fun!
We waited for daddy in the music parking lot.  It was just too nice out not to play by the creek there.  They were searching for tadpole eggs....and apparently D was very prepared with his magnifying glass. :)
Even from far away you can see our Ash has attitude :) (she ended up coming home and going to bed without dinner...major 'tude!) :)
I love that they can explore here.
Great big sis! :) Not sure why she was carrying him, but he was ok with it!
He's got some loooong legs!
D insisted he found some valuable gem that ended up being a broken beer bottle...and Ash found a huge rock. Lo wouldn't even look at me...he was too busy!
We found some wild!  Wish we had these growing in our yard and not wild mushrooms/fungi!
Silly boy! 
And since soccer was canceled for the 10th time it seems...we moved onto getting Cub Scout stuff done. Last awards ceremony of the year!  YAY!
D helped...and they got it done lickety-split!  And below is Shelb and daddy trying to take care of the big horse fly that had gotten in our bedroom last night. I was NOT sleeping with that thing in there. I have a weird insect thing that goes way back.  Had a dragonfly in my room when I was younger and it gave me nightmares for years!  Thankfully daddy killed this hero! 
A great day...full of great memories.  So glad Nina is here to share in our lives so often! She's one fun lady!

(Well, I am going to reattempt this post tomorrow. Shut-eye has just become too imp. and this morning I was tearful with not-enough-sleep.  But here is a very picture-heavy post from today and hopefully I can add commentary tomorrow.  All I will say is it was a WONDERFUL weather day (finally!) and a perfect day to walk IU with my mama and my Loggy.  We had the best time meandering along, throwing rocks in creeks, throwing money in fountains and just checking out all the wonderful sights on the IU campus.  It was great!  And the other sibs were able to play in the MAC creek after school as we waited for daddy.  Just a lovely day and so good to be outside.  Nina also got her one-on-one time with Shelb at violin and out for pizza and shopping!  We love having Nina here to share in our lives :)  The above pic is my fav. from the's out of order, but I want it first bc it shows how much Nina lights up our lives...she is a day-brightener for sure and the reason for many of our smiles :) :))

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