Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Chilly May Saturday...brrr...

 Well, it's May...and it's about 40 degrees with a terrible wind chill and hardly any sun.  Gotta love Indiana. But we made the best of it.  I am not doing any commentary again bc it's movie night with my hubby...but you can see how the day went...."chillin" on the soccer fields with Dylan....looking for houses and furniture with Sue Sue...and just being lazy in the warm house.  Oh and Kev and I got a date night...a hot date night at a pizzaria downtown and a trip the dollar store. Wow, we are a crazy romantic couple!  And Nina just dove in and took all 4 kids OUT to dinner by herself.  Whoa, Nina!  It was a good day though...nothing strenuous and once we de-iced, we were good! :)  Oh happy Saturday!  And Hays...she went out to paint pottery again in Uptown...I told her if she continues at this rate of making her own pottery she should have an entire place setting soon!  Go, Hays!






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