Sunday, May 15, 2016

A lazy-ish Sunday and spa day :)

Well, this post is all dis-combobulated...but I will have to fix it another day...or not.  But here's a few pics of the day...a lazy-ish day of rest....square donuts for bfast (yumm!) Nina took D out for his lunch and fun time (Pizza Hut!) and then took Ash out to and Orange Leaf!  And then dinner with Sue Sue and a special Paris spa dessert time (Shelb's idea)...oh and Sue Sue might be new homeowner with a special playhouse just for Lo (or so he thinks :)). 


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Nancy Gritter said...

A SUPER Sunday! House hunting for Sue and time spent with the Stegs eating a fabulous meal!!! Thanks Kev and Kel for an awesome dinner!!! Thanks girls for the very special spa treatments!! I felt so pampered!! 😍 😘 Love, Nina