Sunday, May 1, 2016

A mostly kid-less May day!

 Well, after the week we've had we needed a break. And Nina and Poppy Stegs were here to save the day!  So....after church we raced our kids off to a gas station and did a quick exchange with the grandparents and off we were back to the peacefulness of our home.  I told Shelb to be on her best behavior and to step up to the role of being the oldest.  We shall see if she can rise to the occasion.
 Well, we didn't race home right away as we had hoped. We had some Mother's Day/bday shopping to do.  I even helped Kev pick out my own Mother's Day card. Wasn't that nice of me?  I told him he didn't even have to buy it now that I saw it.  But he insisted I was worth the 50 cents :)  I feel so special :)
 He worked so hard making our Mother's Day menu(s) :)  I think if he lived another life he might be a chef. He likes this sort of stuff. I do not.  But I did help since we have two wonderful mamas to entertain this coming weekend...and very blessed we get to see them both at the same time!
 Finally...a blissful dinner of peacefulness in front of the tv.  My fav. kind of dinner. We used up a gift card to Buccetos (our local Italian restaurant) and got a yummy Margarita pizza...and stopped at Kroger to each pick out a Ben and Jerry's flavor.  Yum!  I even strayed from my fav. Half Baked and got a PB-choc-Core one.   Though I must say the cheesecake one was good too!  Kev shared.
Love this guy...and so thankful we get 24 hours of peace.  I love our kids, but I seem to love them more when I get a break from them every once in awhile :)  So it was a wonderful way to start our May...being kid-less...

I will say I am feeling sad tonight.  We are working on a looooong to-do list and one of the things to-do was to decide about our Boston plans.  So we purchased a ticket for Hailey to fly to FL to meet us for our Gritter vacation (this means we will not drive there to pick her up from her summer intensive and will miss any dancing she does). I thought I would be happy this got checked off the list, but I have had a pit in my stomach since we made it official.  I hate that I have to miss seeing my daughter dancing again.  This year has totally stunk only seeing her dance one time in class.  I feel like I have lost my ballerina forever.  Sometimes this really brings me down. Tonight is one of those nights...
In honor of missing my NYC are a few pics I didn't post from her day in Central Park last weekend....she had a picnic lunch with her friends in the's a cute selfie :)
 and a group shot....
 And a view of the area...looks like a gorgeous NYC day!
 I love CP...I don't read at all, but if I lived her, I might take it up and read right here!
  And below is a cute pic of her and one of her ballet!


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