Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A mostly Nina-less Tuesday...

 Well, we were minus-Nina today...but that was ok.  I had tons to do and it was a yucky, rainy day anyway.  But Lo and I ventured out.  We thought we'd hit story time at the library, but apparently I should fill my calendar out better bc it was done for the school year.  This was actually fine bc he is not the biggest fan of sitting and listening...but he was super tickled to play with magnatiles for 30 mins!  LOL!  Love that happy boy and his architecture skills!
 My final lunch of this school year...and it was with my Dyl.  He always fun to eat with...never lacking in energy :)
 Lo was in rare form today...he decided to take half the pile of laundry and half his toys from the loft and pile them in front of Ashley's door so she could not get in or out.  No idea why.
 We made some special treats for our bridging ceremony tonight...can you tell what they are....bridging mini cupcakes from blue "Daisy" to brown "Brownie".  I wasn't sure if they would go over with the GS crowd, but they were the first treat gone at the dessert table, prob bc you got a double treat when you got one...two cupcakes for one...and a rainbow bacon too!
 Look what Nina got us in her shopping endeavors with Sue Sue....no thieves better steal this one or they will be chased down!
 Someone walked the bridge from Daisy to Browne tonight!  It was her last hurrah as she is giving up GS...which means this mama is almost finished with my leader duties...hurrah!
Picking up his huge mess after some major tears...and doing so while picking his nose and eating his boogars.  That is talent!

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Nancy Gritter said...

So that is what you did while I was gone!!? :):) Cute cupcake treats! :) Yep, Logee is good at eating boogers! He must be a salt guy...they do taste salty( from what I recall from my youth! haha) Wow, that is quite a building he made at the library! And they have so many!! :) Nina