Monday, May 9, 2016

A much-needed lazy Monday

 Well, I was almost grateful today that it was raining and gloomy out.  I was feeling lazy anyway...and the weather just seemed to make it ok to stay in pj's most of the day.  I wasn't necessarily lazy though...I did a lot of girl scouting stuff for our final meeting...but I felt no stress about it and just did it at my leisure. I think it helped to have Nina here...sometimes it's just nice to have adult conversation in the midst of my days :)  Here Lo and I are early this morn. The kids had just left for was so quiet...and Nina was sleeping in. Lo was watching Scooby...I was starting my final GS plan! 
 My goal for the day was to use stuff from around the house to plan our meeting (a tea party).  I got very lucky...I had all the ingredients I needed for everything.  This rarely happens.  I made tea cups out of girl scout cookies!  This was also a stroke of luck that we still had some some in our pantry!  Lo could hardly keep his hands off them :)
 Finally Nina woke up....but she lounged for awhile in the background, while Lo played Plahdoh with his fav. dental kit!  He was happy :) :)
 Nina joined in. They made a good dental pair :)
 Daddy came home for the A/C guy and worked from home after...and Lo ate lunch with him....well, mostly he just spilled his easy mac all over and then wanted mama to clean it up even though daddy was right next to him. :)
 And before I knew it the day was done...and the kids were back with me...and Ash was at gymnastics. She said she accomplished some things today, but I can't remember what.  I was proud of her though!
 Shelby took these pics for me bc I had slumbering Loggy on my shoulder.  She sure does have nice form...Go, Asher!  Hopefully Nina can see her next week. She went house shopping with Sue Sue today.
 Go Teachers!  It is staff appreciation week this week at school.  I love that someone wrote this with cups at our entrance.  Today was flower power day (give your teacher something flower-related--a picture, a flower, something that smells like a flower, etc). I totally spaced it on most pics today...I was just so tired.  So didn't take a pic of the kids with the wildflowers we picked for the teachers, but they were cute. 
 Soccer was canceled yet again, but GS was still on...had to get our last meeting done!  Our firsties were in charge today so they could get their bridging requirement out of the way!  They did awesome planning our tea party and helping set up.  I love the table :)
 And our friend had a little cake made...I love that it says our troop number and tea party. I just went easy peasy and made mini-cupcakes and also some cute pretzel flowers...I forgot to take a pic of them, but they are in the background there.
 The cute craft we made...paper bowl/plate hats! the bird on Ashley's!
 Our crazy GS a little sister:) 
 They even planned their own was very cute. I was proud of them for being leaders in our troop!
 I came home to Shelb being almost done with her biome project!  Yay, Shelb!
 Cute conifer scene...and almost done!
 Nina was home to play games! 
 Everyone loves games with Nina!
So glad school is almost done!  No more homework for 2 months will be nice!

And so glad GS is almost done (meetings are done, but we have a bridging ceremony next week). Nice to be checking things off the list...done, done, done!  Lazy Mondays are nice.

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