Sunday, May 22, 2016

A simple Sunday...yet I am tired.

 Well, it was almost a picture-less Sunday.  I really was in no mood to even take one today.  But towards the end of the day I did.  I got to see one of Hailey's friends graduate today with the homeschoolers at our church. Actually I missed the graduation, but I did get to congratulate her after.  She's going to be interning at Arthur Murray for ballroom dancing.  Hard to believe that Hailey's friends are graduating...this is just a reminder that Hailey--the graduate--is not far behind.  Sigh.  I know Hailey will roll her eyes as she reads this.  But for now I am happy for her graduating friends. 
 While I was gone, the girls cleaned their room.  You can probably tell who actually cleaned :)
 This is the fun we are is a runner up to potty training.  Daddy giving his schpeal about how that thing on his plate is a hotdog and he should eat it.
 Someone does not agree.
 He looks like he is considering it.
 He almost looks happy about the dog in front of him...
 The happy hotdog gang...haha....I was in the mood for a panoramic.  I didn't warn them.

                                                 Big bro attempts to make a deal with the non-hotdog eating lil' bro.

 Didn't work...but he did have fun playing with it using tongs.  Sigh.  Someday we will conquer eating...and using the potty.
 This stinker was stubborn today.  We wanted her to go to her middle school church activity, but she did NOT want to go.  She was pretty mad about it actually.  We went to drop her off for it and only 5th graders were there (none of her age) I had pity on her and did not make her stay. I think she was so grateful she cleaned all day...cleaned the house for me...and her room....
 And she put her new bday bedding on her bed.  Hailey said simple is the new "in" is white.  I guess Shelb is in style.
 She loves her new look.  I just hope it stays clean!
 Kickball...our new fav. fam. sport :)
Our cheerleader...sitting on his roof :)

That's our day...had soooo much to do and did none of it.  I am so scattered and so tired. Thank goodness there are two more days of school. Summer could not get here soon enough.  This mama is worn!

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