Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Wonderful Mom's Day! :)

 Well, it was a lovely, wonderful Mama's Day!  I can't say it was my best bc I was "down one"...but for having one child lost in was still a good day.  At least we gained a Nina in our that was sorta like having a Hailey in our midst (minus the ballerina skills :))  Anyway....I am too pooped to post much and have got to get this week off to a better start than last with more sleep.  Soooo...this will be short.  Here's a quick run-down of our Mom's Day festivities.  It was a gloomy morning...I didn't want to get up at all...much less leave the house...but that's what mom's do best...things they do not always want to do :)  So up we were...and we made Nina a nice Mom's Day bfast. It was meant to be breakfast in bed, but it took too long so she was a couch potato instead :) 
 Ash surprised me at church by being on the jumbo-tron screens and talking about me for Mother's Day...something about how I was funny when I jumped in the pool and I tell really good stories. I cannot confirm or deny either of those...but she did make me smile :)
 Daddy made us a fantastic lunch!
I may or may not have gone a little off the deep end with my beer cheese fondue :)  I loooooove cheese!
 I surprised Nina and took her to the ballet--IU pre-college.  I had not planned on going bc why go see a ballet my daughter is no longer in....but....the kids were fighting and one was sobbing, so escaping to the ballet with my mama sounded nice :)  Plus we always enjoy a good ballet critique!
 My fav. part of the day was our walk....after the rain stopped it turned out to be a gorgeous day!  We picked flowers along the way and showed Nina our trail and gave her some exercise.  Fun!
 We look like a bunch of wandering nomads :)
And daddy cooked us another amazing meal for dinner. We were very spoiled!
I even got to have a pic with my 5 kids :)  Not sure what the goofy guy on my lap is doing? And I have to say my NYC one cost me a nice free potted plant today at church. Our church does free potted flowers during the service to the mama with the most kids present. It was the first year no one had 5 kids in our service but unfortunately the first time all 5 of mine were not there.  Poo on Hailey! She cost me a flower!  I'm trying to forgive her for being an awesome ballerina and leaving me flower-less. :)

All-in-all...a great day. One of the best.  Would have been better had my oldest been around, but I guess part of being a mom is letting your kids go fulfill their dreams.  I am blessed beyond measure by my 5.  I can't imagine not having any of them...drama and fighting and all!  I love each and every one of them. And I love my mama so, so much and so glad she could spend another Mother's Day with us in Indiana. It's becoming a tradition and I love it.  She's the best!  And my hubby deserves all the thanks today for how hard he worked and cooked and parented.  He is the best and one of the reasons I am a mom in the first place :)  Happy Mom's Day to all my mama friends and family out there!


Nancy Gritter said...

It truly was the BEST Mothers Day ever!!!! Starting with an awesome ( almost!) breakfast in bed( well, on the couch! ), a wonderful church service, a fabulous lunch made by Kevin!!!!! ( thank you to the BEST son in law on this planet!!) and a surprise ballet ( That was so wonderfully spur of the moment!)...a wonderful long walk in the most beautiful country side setting!!! And then another amazing meal again made by Kevin!! So delicious! He had already made me and his Mom a fabulous meal last night!! It's been the perfect weekend!!! Thanks to the awesome Steg family for making my day so very special! :) love ya all so very much! Nina/Mom xoxo

Anonymous said...

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