Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Almost bday time...and Nina-visit time!

 It amazes me sometimes how fast a day can go by doing a whole lot of nothing.  Today was cake day.  Wanted to get it done early so I was free for Nina tomorrow!  Thankfully Shelb picked the super easiest cake.  But I can never let a cake we tried to combine two cakes.  Not the best idea in the end.  And I always have trouble with things I think I won't have trouble with. Today it was the right color pink. Lo helped me by eating all my trial and errors :)
 Yesterday he was throwing all his toys he was cleaning them up...voluntarily...
 He even cleaned the loft.  I was proud of the Lo-man :)  Nina would be too :)  Gotta have a sorta-clean house for Nina :)
 Ash was pretty excited about today...she was person of the day at school...this means she got all kinds of goodies (mints, gum, gatorade, cheetos) and she got to sit in a special place in the classroom, plus lots of other special things. And she even had a special show-n-tell...a jewelry box great-grandma Stegs made...but it broke there so she was bummed.
 My fondant creations...of course, I didn't end up using most of them in the end.   Go figure.
 Lo and I rethinking the cake...we always rethink things...
 Daddy helping with the cake...he was the brains behind it, obviously :)
 I just wasn't happy with it...not sure why.  She liked it though...and that's all that matters :)
                                          this beautiful almost-12-year-old!  Her arm is in a weird position though...doesn't it look funny in the pic :)
 Me and my musical girl :)
 One normal pic...
 And the not-so-normal :)
 The many faces of Shelb is one of the many things I love about her!
And daddy laughing at Hailey tonight and her good SW joke!  May the Fourth be with you!! And revenge of the "fifth" is tomorrow :) (get it...)

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