Thursday, May 19, 2016

Back to the routine w/o Nina

 Well, I rarely post twice in a day, but I like to keep things as current as possible for my Hays.  So here's the day in review. Thankfully my phone is out of storage space so this means only a few pics.  First one up is of the almost-preschooler.  We had to visit church/preschool to take Lo's immunization record in. He is warming up to the idea of school.  And he got to see Luau day firsthand, which is fun :)  I can't wait to be back here...I love this preschool.  But I am sad too that my last baby is almost there.  Well, he might not be if he doesn't get potty-trained.  Next week is when the big training session starts!  Wish us luck...and many prayers!
 It was a gorgeous day!  Made me wish Nina was here to enjoy it...we could have gone for a picnic by the creek here by the park.  But instead she is back in FL and we had to go on our own. But we met my fav. ballet moms and had a nice chat.  We always love to keep our humor about us when it comes to IU :)  Good times!  The park was hopping...there were a couple preschools there and then the middle schoolers came to play as well. Fun(ny)!   We climbed everything we could and then we buried our cars and money.
 We made a friend, who I think goes to our preschool :)
 We had to make a pit stop at Kroger for groceries. They actually had cookies out w/o us asking!  Someone was mighty happy about this!:)
 Chips and Cheese with mama...nothing like it! Cheese makes us giddy! :) :) :)
 We fell asleep sitting up. We were THAT tired!
 I was almost proud of our boy for achieving the goal he set: to learn the 50 states on a map...but turns out he changed his goal at school w/o telling us. That is why he looks a little worried. I am making him do the states/map at home by next Tuesday when school ends.
End of school time means art and papers galore come home.  This was a fun one for Shelby though...a cool mask she made out of paper mache. She added the glasses for affect.  She had her last core group of the year tonight too.  She was one of two there.  You can tell summer is almost here when the numbers dwindle....
And someone finally got her new fit-bit garmin step-tracker thing hooked up tonight. She got it for her bday from Nina and Pops and was so excited about it, but was not allowed to open it til her school projects were done.  She is a happy running fool now!  She took a jog around the house to celebrate! :)  Only 3 more days of school (done Tuesday!)...cannot wait for this school year to be done!  Poor Hays still has another month.  Those Jewish NYC holidays are coming back to bite her in the butt now :)  Love ya, Hays! :)

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