Saturday, May 21, 2016

A busy, tree-planting, parties and family!

 A busy-as-usual Saturday.  Also as usual...a quick post.  We started off the morning with a yummy bfast...or so I thought.  I made french toast with fruit.  Most the kids complained.  Logan actually yelled at me.  So much for trying to be different.  Ash made a fruit/whipped cream sandwich with hers. She seemed happy.  I was assuming soccer and tree-planting would be postponed bc of rain...thus why I attempted this kind of bfast. I was wrong.  We were somewhat rushed. 
 Another soccer game in the cold and wet.  Not as bad as last Saturday, but still too cold for me!  D did well though.
 Shelb wasn't in the best mood heading off to meet Girl Scouts and plant trees at a cemetery.  But she ended up loving it and they planted over 30 trees for 3 hours.  Very cool service project.
 D was invited to two friend parties today.  We said no to one, but yes to his best bud, Caden.  And his girls were there too...they all have a grand ol' time together.
 We saw family too...we were traveling fools today.  We celebrated Shelby being "another year of fabulous" with Nina and Poppy and Brian and Anne.
 It was a gorgeous day in Indy.  The kids loved playing outside...and Ash loved playing with Bailey dog.  I think Bailey liked it too!
 Kickball--Steg style.  Mama's team won :)
 Bday cake time...yummy Cold Stone!  Can you tell Lo was itching to blow out those candles for Shelb!  He used lots of self-control!
The bday girl...another day, another celebration...lucky girl :) She is fabulous! 

A great day of busyness, but I cannot help by long for free days and more sleep.  Story of my life.

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