Wednesday, May 25, 2016

First day of summer! YAY!

Well, first day of summer was great...wonderful...awesome.  But somehow I am totally exhausted by it.  We just laid around most of the morning...had a yummy bfast...and then enjoyed the rest of the day outdoors.  Was supposed to rain, but not a drop in sight.  The kids had a ball (minus the fact that we all got burned thanks to me forgetting to spray them with sunscreen that I had set out...oops!)  But it was all worth their smiles and laughter.  We just had fun doing simple things. No extra friends over, never leaving our own packing of lunches, no thoughts about's what summer is all about.  And then we had our busy evening of violin (solo time!) and soccer (make-up game!)...and hopefully I can add words to this tomorrow. I want to start blogging before 9pm!  Night night!



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Nancy Gritter said...

No need for words! Just some good ol homegrown fun!!And soccer, violin, and donuts! Sounds good to me!! :) xoxo Nina