Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fun evening with old friends!

A wonderful day, but I am too tired to post much.  Will have to wait. A lovely lazy day at home...stayed in bed most of the day and the kids played Legos.  Didn't get dressed til 3pm.  Then headed out to Indy for a fun evening with old friends.  The kids had a ball on their bouncy house.  And Hays went to night #3 of Midsummer's.  I am slightly jealous :)



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Nancy Gritter said...

Sounds like another wonderful lazy summer day!! Hailey, you look beautiful in basic black!!AND I am VERY jealous that you got to go to Midsummers Night Dream THREE TIMES!!!! That cannot be fair for your MOM and I!! ): Lucky YOU!! I will have to text you and see who the leads were when you went! :) LOve, Nina