Monday, May 2, 2016

From peacefulness to craziness...

 Well, it was our day to get some things done.  No rest for the weary, yet no hard labor around the house. It was more of a "sit at the dining room table" and get organized kind of day. Kev spent hours figuring out our NYC/Boston travel can never be cut and dry and easy.  We almost canceled Hailey's flight to FL...I was a bit emotional this morning about missing her dance...and Kev didn't realize either that we would not even step foot in the Boston Ballet studios while we are there in June for drop-off.  Seems very weird for us to not be a part of any of our ballerina's dance this summer.  Very hard for me.  Anyway...that is a post for another day.  Instead, we figured out hotel and travel plans (and Nina Stegs is helping too!) and I worked on school transfer stuff, Boston Ballet paperwork and we both made phonecalls for house stuff and kids' appts as well as figuring out summer activities.  Somehow the day just slipped by w/o much to show for it.  But we have to have peace to do this stuff so it was necessary to not have the kids.  We just sat in our pj's all day...I would have rather been vegging on the couch, but at least we had each other and some quiet!
 And before we knew it the craziness was back...apparently there was no fighting at Nina and Poppy's, but they wasted no time doing it back at home!
 All activities, but gymnastics, were canceled tonight.  I cannot say I was sad about that.  Had I known this I might have let the kids stay at Nina and Poppy's for another night.  Oh well.  Ash did have fun tumbling around :)
 When in doubt for dinner plans, just whip up some choc. chip pcakes!  Yumm for all!!  Crazy D!  I failed to get a pic of his new haircut...daddy took him out after dinner to do it. YAY, one less thing for me to do tomorrow!

 And sweet Lo...we are in bday mode for Shelby....and he came up with his own gift all by himself.  He found a book (which happens to be one of Hailey's first favorite books) and he wrapped it in an IU baseball calendar that he stole from Dylan.  Well, D was not happy about this so he took it back and tears ensued from Lo.  But daddy gave it back to Lo bc it was outdated....
So, he rewrapped that gift up for his "Bobby" :)  I thought it was so sweet he thought of giving his very own gift.  He has another gift he picked out at the store too, but this was all his own idea.  He has a little heart of gold.

I will admit, I am struggling.  May sometimes overwhelms much to do and not enough time. Our last day of school is 2 weeks from tomorrow...and add in there Shelb's bday, Mother's Day, 2 concerts for Shelby and all the end-of-school stuff (which seems to be a lot this year)...Ugh.  Too much to think about.  I am at least glad my mama will be here in a few days to help.  I feel like throwing my hands up now. I really don't want to do anything. I am tired.  I feel like I have been tired for years.

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