Friday, May 20, 2016

Honor's Day for D & A and some pool fun!

Well, another picture-heavy post...tis that time of year!  Not many words, but the pics are pretty self-explanatory.  It was Honor's Day today for Dyl and Ash.  Both are honorable students so they did well!  Though I feel like they did away with a lot of awards this year. They used to have citizenship and art and PE and they really only had attendance and a few music awards and then their classroom award. Anyway...I did laugh at Ashley's award...for being helpful.  Wow...she must burn herself out at school helping bc she is not the cleanly helpful one at home! haha :)  And D's was funny too...he loves to write about his sibs...and it is often about Shelby just to get under her skin...or Logan bc he is funny to write about. we spent our whole morn at school watching the kiddos and their friends at school.  I must say that there are times when I consider homeschooling...bc I know time could be better utilized at home and I think my kids could actually learn more. But when I see them in their school environment and the fun and friendship they have with so many kids from different walks of life...I am glad we have them in school...and public school at that.  I think Christian kids can be a real light in the midst of public school. I am supporter of that.  Anyway, I was just reassured today when I saw my kids in their school environment.  I know they are where they should be right now. They love their teachers, their school, and their friends. 
And in celebration this evening we went to the pool.  Ok, so the timing just happened to work out that the open house at our IU outdoor pool was tonight. And this meant free admission and free pizza!  They canceled all the other things going on (games, etc) bc of the cold and rain...but we still went.  I am glad we did. The kids had a ball.  It was 60 degrees out, but it didn't actually rain til after we left and the one pool was super sauna hot...I actually went in.  It was nice.  And it wore the kids out so they went right to sleep. If we didn't have to go pick up Shelby at church at 10pm it would have been a nice restful evening.  Oh well.  Such is life with busy kids.  Now onto a busy weekend...not crazy about busy weekends.








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