Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Last day of no-school before summer!

 Well, today was our final day off school before we are off for good for summer.  That means the end is in sight!  I sadly was wrong on my assumption that we only had 2 more weeks of school.  I had a math error. We have 3 weeks. Ugh.  I guess this is good and bad.  But really I just want summer to be here.  I am tired of early mornings, homework, driving back and forth, making lunches.  It is just time to be done with that for a couple months.  Anyway...here is our oh-so-exciting day.  Cin rolls for bfast.  Actually it was 2nd bfast for some. I woke up late enough that two had already eaten. But they unforceably ate again :)  Shelb is becoming my latest sleeper-inner...she might just beat Hailey now :)  She did not surface til 11am.
 Someone got up early today and voted...it was not her...but she was up early and did all her chores lickety split!  I was proud of her. She is not usually the chore-girl of the fam.  And she didn't even know when she did her chores that her reward would be going to her bestie's house...lucky her!
 Worst part of my day was spending over 2 hours at Kroger.  Good grief I had a ton to get.  I almost could not fit it in my cart.  I hate shopping trips like that. I usually spend about $80...I was not near that today.  Ugh.  But Lo was a good boy.  They have not been putting cookies out for kids lately (and I am not one to ask), but he insisted on asking the bakery lady for one himself.  She could not resist giving him one. He was all smiles :)
 Supposed to be cleaning up for Nina, but instead he threw all his toys all over the sunroom.  Grrr. Made mama grumpy!
 Someone needs some piano lessons.  And someone is grumpy. Can you guess who is who?
 There was some peace in the day...
 And our final lesson with our wonderful violin teacher tonight.  We will miss her dearly.
 Arkansas is gaining a wonderful teacher and we are happy for her that she can be in the same state as her husband. They have been married under a year and have hardly lived in the same state at all.  I think I have it rough sometimes....that would be tough!  Plus she is starting an amazing new strings program in this state.
She made Shelby the neatest thing on Apple....it was the music from the last solo she played printed with her name on it and she wrote on the back.  Shelby loved it.  I wish I was creative like that!  Life at IU will not be the same w/o Tze-ying...she is awesome and will be truly missed.  She has been a blessing to Shelby...so very patient, yet challenges her.  We hate saying goodbye :(

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