Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lovin' the lazy days of summer

 Well, we could get used to these lazy days of summer.  The best thing about them is not having to go anywhere!  Seriously...nowhere.  Being home is the bomb!  And today we even had daddy home with us.  And he even started out the day taking a jog with his fav. jogger!  She was one happy girl :)
 I was a slight slave driver and made them each do a small chore after tv time.  One little kid did nothing but lay on the floor.
 A bunny camped out under our table was cute.  He just laid there all relaxed.
 Hays will be happy to know that her faulty shades are now fixed.  They had a "run" in them and they were coming out of the check, check...that is all fixed!  Too bad she's not here til August to notice.
 Awww, brothers.  They both have a bit of an addition to the ipad lately.  But I think Lo is mighty happy Dyl is home so he can mooch off his electronic's time.
 It was supposed to rain all day again, but we got a few good hours in of outdoor time.  Bball is the new Steg sport.  We could become like the Bloomy Steg-trotters.  Get it...Harlem Globetrotters. :)
 The Dora trike never grows old.  He loves it.
 Simply joys...just playing in the driveway.  And the weather was so nice...overcast and warm, but not unbearable.
 Cute big wheeler.
 Brings back memories of my big wheel...and my bro's Dukes of Hazard one.  This one isn't nearly as cool...
 haha...she looks like a little kid on it!
 Helping me de-worm my roses.  Spraying them with soapy water.  I hope this works.  The roses themselves look awesome...but the green leaves are gone on my yellow ones and very depleted on my pink ones.  Icky green worms.
 We had a snack outside today since our Beazer workers were here all day  for our one year fixes.  Popcorn and Sprite. Not our normal snack, but it was the easiest when we had workers in our kitchen.
 haha...Dylan came up with the idea to serve snack out of our beach tent and Logan tied up the tent to his car bc he's still fascinated with tying up things.
 Fixing our dryway nail pops (lots of them) and our leaky sink/granite issues.
 Popping bubbles with our umbrella while a storm rolls in.  Life is rough!
 We were ready for the storm! Which rolled in very fast after this pic.  It was actually nice to just spend the rest of the day indoors.
 We ate lunch with daddy on a weekday...rarely happens.  We had to take a pic :)
 Almost all our 1year house issues are taken care of.  Check!  Not sure why I cleaned the house all there is just drywall stuff everywhere.  And now we need to repaint everything.  This house is a lot of work.  I don't remember our old one being this much work.
 Playing store, I think.  Lots of good stuff up for, especially!
 I fell asleep on the couch and slept hard for an hour or so.  Not the most restful sleep with kids racing around me, but I needed a little midday shut-eye.  We were trying to take a pic for Hayeee here, but all he wanted to do was show her his key (a princess key at that)
 Awwww, brothers reading a Lego magazine.  They are so sweet together.
 Our bunny came back in the afternoon to snack on our overgrown grass.  I told Kev is was good he was a slacker and didn't mow yet.  Now we have our own wildlife habitat :)
 She makes me smile :)  Dinner was rowdy tonight. Not sure why, but everyone was in wild form.
 Ash on dish duty!  And you can see we have a sink out of order for 48 hours. That is making dishes impossible and dinner challenging.  We could not have what I had planned tonight...thank goodness for frozen hotdogs!
 The rain passed and we went outside with daddy this time!
 He was ready for some 2 on 2...the boys vs. girls (Shelb was playing violin indoors)...boys clobbered us.  Or rather we let them win to keep their egos high :)
 Check out what Lo was doing while we played ball....lined up everything he could in a long line across the driveway. lol!
Awww, so sweet.  He laid down next to me tonight and looked totally bored.  He cracks me up.  :)
Best part of the evening was watching the boys laugh over Garfield.  It was pretty funny...they totally cracked themselves up.  Hailey and her roommate even got to witness it.  I think both boys take after their easily amused. I guess that's a good thing.

Lovin' lazy days of summer. Bring more on!

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