Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Memories at the Lake!

 A wonderful Memorial Day was had by the the lake!  Our first time on the old boat this season and it was a gorgeous day!  I will add more to this hopefully tomorrow, but here's a few pics of the day...of our arrival...feels weird to take a pic on a day like today w/o our Hays.  We really missed her today. We miss her every day, of course, but sometimes her absence is harder on certain days...
 Awesome weather...just perfect. We have had many stormy Mem. Days, but this was so nice...aside from being w/o our Hays.  Here's the walkway to the can sorta see it from here...
 A yummy lunch...fancy too!  Filet!  Yummmmmm!
 Fishing for dinner...Shelb was convinced she was going catch something with chips and a net!  What do you think Pops?!  You are the expert FL fisherman.
 A little too sunny for Stegs eyes, but still a cute pic on Big Mabel! (the raft)
 LOVE!  So excited to be in the water!
 Waving to sisters on Big Mabel!
 The three kids rocked it on the knee board...go D!
 Possibly last boat trip with a diaper? We can hope!
My fav. might look like a blob, but that is indeed my talented and athletic hubby attempting the kneeboard. I will let you guess if he succeeds or not!

More pics later....but a great Memorial Day and so grateful to Nina and Poppy for a great day. Wish our Hays could have been here especially since her day was rainy and spent doing hw.  Blah! 


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