Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nina left us :(

 Well, this post is all messed up...crazy blogger.  And I am too pooped to reconfigure and add words.  Plus we are in a little funk here with our Nina gone.  We miss her.  Her time here was well-spent.  We always squeeze so much in and the best about it is all the quality grandkid time. She is just so good at that. And it doesn't have to be much...could just be playing beyblades or playing tag (or going down curvy slides--hee hee :) :))...she's a good sport...and she digs right in.  It has been a wonderful two weeks with her here...helping us and spending time with us and just being a part of our crazy lives.  We have loved every minute.  I told her in her Mother's Day card that she is probably one of the only people I could stand living here for two weeks...and that is the truth.  And honestly, she could stay more. We just love her so much and she just goes with the flow.  Thank you, Nina, for everything!  

 (sorry, Nina...had to post...sooo were a good sport for doing the hip-hugger slide :))




Sulu said...

OMG, Ninner on the slide!!!!! I died laughing!!!! I love it! Ninner, you are so awesome!!

Nancy Gritter said...

Thanks Sulu! I really had to debate how much damage that slide could do, with a flight home in less than 6 hrs...just a small bruise on the hip!Those slides are not made for the likes of me! :) Great time and I squeeze in alot of kiddo time each day....sure wish we lived closer! I am in a funk already missing my Steg kids! ): Nina Gritz aka Ninner :)