Thursday, May 12, 2016

End of school busyness...programs, cub scouting and misc...

 Well, I have found a few ounces of energy tonight so I am posting pics from yesterday. There will be no dialogue, but oh well!  Maybe I will add that another day...or maybe not.  But here's a few pics of our Thursday...of my final lunch of the year with Ash and her best buds in the cafeteria. Always fun!
And then a little tball in the front yard with Lo.  Smiley boy!  And a wonderful music program put on by Dylan's class--gotta love recorders! Some funny ones of Nina snoozing while Ash is on her ipad :) :)  And a great evening of cub scouting...D graduated to Webelo II (sp?)  This means only one more year in cub scouts before moving on to boy scouting.  Kinda sad.  Anyway...all in all a good day...just exhausting staying up doing some staff gifts for appreciate week....but the teachers and staff at our school are worth it!







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