Thursday, May 19, 2016

Old NYC Spring Break Pics

I am being forced to download my iphone pics and that means I have no idea if I will ever see them again....soooo bc I didn't want to lose my NYC pics, I am posting them.  (from 3/18-3/19 Spring Break)...mostly w/o Hailey bc she had school, ballet and a school play she was attending, but she did grace us with her presence for dinner...which also turned out to be a flop bc the place we wanted to go had no sandwiches left.  But we did find a cool taco place that was affordable and still had green tortillas from St. Pat's Day. Cool!'s some of our wanderings of that day. I know I love NYC pics so thought some might appreciate seeing them.  Sorry, no commentary.  Sleep is too imp. right now.


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Nancy Gritter said...

LOVE these pics! Looks like a GREAT time! Love that panoramic one by the water! :) Mom