Sunday, May 29, 2016

One Year of Livin' Here!

Well, it's hard to believe, but our home has been our home for 1 year as of today.  I can't really believe what a whirlwind year it has been. In some ways it seems we have been here a decade and in other ways it seems like the moving truck just unloaded our stuff!  I still remember that crazy way we moved our family into this new home we built.  Anyway....I am too tired to get too emotional about how fast the year has gone...but I do have some pics (old and new!) to's last year this day...after our house closing...our home was finally ours!                               
Not sure if this home was ready for this amount of crazy! :)
 Here we are a year later...a little tamer (at least today)...and minus one :) 
haha...a year ago...D running around the new house :) :)
 A peaceful night outside our house tonight....
 In honor of our 1 year house-anniversary we built houses...out of Legos...and out of pretzels and crackers :)  We had a little fun with it :)
 And backtracking a's the day in pictures...out of order as usual.  We helped at church in Lo's area.  It was a little crazy...crying kids, peeing kids...but I had Kev and Shelb to help...we were good.  I love watching Lo interact.  He's a good kid...a growing kid...which makes his mama sad sometimes :)
 Ash helping with our house pretzel creation. Not as easy as it looks.
 Attitude.  A large part of our day consumed with "tude".  Not cool, Steg kids, not cool
 D was the first to build a Lego!
 Oh and grad. open houses consumed a fair part of our day.  But aren't these cute?!  I need to learn how to do these for my girls.  So cute!  My friend and her daughter made them, I think.  Sweet! 
 One grad is the sister of one of Dylan's best buds at school. She had no qualms about beating him up a bit while we were there :)
 Then we headed out to our fav. guys' grad. party! Go, Harrison!  I love this pic on his board.  Must have been from Easter.  Ash was mad she missed being in it for some reason. Cute selfie though and made me feel a bit like Hailey was there!
 Good ol' Harrison. His one request for his party was wings...good ol' Buffalouies!  Shelb was happy!  She loves their wings!
 Cousin Alyssa and Danielle both came home to help their bro with his good thing about two older sisters. Not sure D will get this lucky since Hays might never come home this time of year to help for his grad party.
 I had hoped to have a nice meal on the back porch in honor of our 1 year house anniversary.  But it was rainy out and we were tired after the open houses...and some of us were pretty grumpy (guess who), pizza indoors, it was!
 This boy cracks me up.
 This one too...he burped and cracked himself up. I missed the crack up, but he's still cute!
 Shelb built a very cool house too...with all 5 kids' beds in one room...LOL...that would be "fun" for the kids! NOT!
 Ash also made a cool house :)
 Lo was fascinated by this Lego balloon.  Had to hold it.
Our fancy pretzel/wheat thin house.  Good thing I am not an architect. This thing fell apart almost right away. 
 D had the idea to put "one year" on the front and put one person/bear in front of each letter bc that would equal 7 of us.  That boy is always thinking!
 The log cabin outside the not-so-log-cabin :)
 Maybe we have too much fun with food sometimes :)
 But at least this one was edible and yummy :)
 And fell apart in a second.  Good thing I didn't build our house :)
 Totally forgot it was Indy 500 day.  Hays remembered though :)  We used to make this a big day and go to our Race party, but that fell apart years ago (though we did see our fav. race day friends yesterday!). 
 And this is what our Hays was doing today with her ballet buds....hanging out at Six Flags...her friend, Max, treated them all to this fun day for his bday, I think.

So, there ya' go....hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we have lived in our "new" home a year.  It's been such a long year in so many respects and I certainly don't feel like we've moved in fully yet or are settled at all (our garage is proof of this!)...but there's been a lot of love and memories in this house in the last 365 days and I hope the years to come have many more.

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