Monday, May 23, 2016

Our 6th Grade Grad!

Well, our 12 year old graduated today...from elementary school. I am not sure when 6th grade graduation became a thing, but apparently it is now.  Not sure I ever had a 6th grade grad.  Yet another thing to celebrate! haha :)  But it was a big deal for our Shelb.  She is the first of our kids to graduate from our home school. (remember Hailey moved to another one in 4th gr).  So graduating from Summit made Shelby unique.  And we all know she is unique anyway! :)  Here's only a small portion of the pics I took. I have too much to do for last-day-of-school to post more.

 My attempt at a creative bfast for the "grad".  Yes, I might have a little too much fun with food sometimes...but Shelb did like the mini-blue-berry muffins. :)
 We had a little breakdown--Shelb and I--as she was leaving for school. Let's just say I hope we never have that again. Both she and I were in tears.  Not a great grad-morning start.
 This pic snuck in there, but it's ok...the day was not totally about Shelb.  Ash had a special project she had been working on at school with two Kindergarten students. She was the mentor for the group. was the wax museum.  It was very cute. She was a brown bear....and the boys are her Kinder friends...and Quinn made it in the pic too somehow...and Lo :)
 Graduation!  Getting her diploma!  She got a bunch of other awards too. We were proud of her!
 Our beautiful elem. grad!
 Being crazy at home. I made her a candy card too.  And a few other things.
 My fav. pic of the day...she truly is never failing for a face to make you smile :) :)
 Shelb and Andy the Armadillo!  Not every grad gets to stand next to a Texas mascot! Can you guess where we went for dinner?  Think peanuts... was kid's night and we were the last group to get the balloon guy to make us some goodies!  Love this place...delicious atmosphere, peanuts galore and a great celebration of our grad!  Plus we only paid a few bucks for it thanks to gift cards!  Yay!
Showing off shoes that we HAD to wear just to Texas Roadhouse! This pic was for Hailey...bc we know Hailey has an appreciation of shoes just like our other girls do.

More pics to come later in the week once the final day of school is done tomorrow. This mama is beat and I still have teacher gifts to put together and cards to write in.  Phew!  So glad this is all almost over. I look forward to tomorrow night this time! 

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Nancy Gritter said...

Congratulations Shelby, oh great graduate!! Onward to Junior High!! Yippee...Pops and I are so proud of how hard you work!! Keep it up in Junior High!! Love YOU!! Nina and Pops :)