Friday, May 13, 2016

Our Friday the 13th

 Another busy end-of-school-year day....but beautiful weather.  This mama is wiped though so I am posting only a few pics and no words yet again.  But here's the lowdown...Shelb had her final music program as an elementary schooler.  She was not all that excited about it, but I thought it was good.  It was a stomp-rendition.  It was also luau day for teacher appreciation.  We dressed up and handed out fruity smelling hand soap. Ash had her final field trip of her firstie the park...we walked there and back and through the woods...and had lunch there and played at the playground.  All Lo wanted to do was go down the slide he was too small for.  This meant mama also did this a lot.  Fun.  And tonight we enjoyed the outdoors...daddy mowed and we played tball and took a walk and went to our playground and had a movie night...all while D got a special evening in Indy with Nina and Poppy a Hotwheels thing at the Children's Museum. I'm glad he got to do something fun and special by himself.  So glad it's the weekend.



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