Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Manic Monday with Nina :)

 Just a quick post tonight...I will try to add pics tomorrow....but Nina, Loggy and I had a fun day in the little town of Nashville today (Indiana, that is)...we did some shopping (we found some funny signs that may or may not apply to our family :)) might be a new tradition of ours to go here...we could have shopped a few more hours, I think...they had some great lil' shops.  And then we raced home for gymnastics, (skipped girl scouts), soccer and Shelb's final strings concert.  Gotta love Mondays...but happy Nina was along for the ride! 

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Nancy Gritter said...

What an awesome day!!! Loved Nashvlle!!! Loved gymnastics! Loved the violin concert!! Love my grands! Love my daughter! Thanks for a perfect day! Nina/ Mom 😍