Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rain rain, go away...

 Well, I am beat...don't know why...two rainy, lazy days in a row, should mean I feel rested.  But not so.  So, this will be a short post. I need to get some sleep.  Just a quick rundown....teacher appreciation week...wear your teacher's fav. color/team jersey...go IU...Ash was the only one who decked out for the event.  I vegged with my baby boy on the couch for a bit. We went on a walk and to the playground with Nina...we have to get out to exercise every day! (even on rainy days)  She even did the balance beam at the park. That was a little scary :)  We played trains, we went to Kroger (Nina needs to go more often...she gives out treats while shopping...Lo was all about that)...and Shelb had an great lesson with her new teacher. She really enjoyed it. She might make Shelb come out of her shell a bit.  And the Biome project is done!  Phew.  I need to cuddle up with my hubby now and sleep. 
Hopefully tomorrow the sun will stay out and we can go to IU and have our walk!

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