Friday, May 6, 2016

Shelb's a DOZEN years old!

 Well, my sweet Shelb is officially a dozen years old!  That does not seem possible....but here we are.....and here is our small little walk down memory lane. I wish I had more pics to post, but a broken hard drive does not bode well for memories saved :(  So here are a few pics of old pics to make me smile on my sweet girl's 12th bday.  Her first Olan Mills pic...they don't even have Olan Mills anymore do they?  She was the cutest little baby.  Don't let her peaceful slumber fool you in this pic...she was the collickiest/refluxiest baby around...and grumpy bc of it!
 But she turned that around eventually and was the sweetest, smiliest baby too :)
And she was beautiful...on the inside and out :)  She was a little spitfire...don't let the angelic face fool ya!  There was a little bit of crazy in her!
But she melted our hearts every day. She was the child we waited so long for...prayed for years for.  She was our little miracle from day 1.
And now here we are....our last year of elementary school...the last year before the teens....and up early to eat her dozen blueberry muffins and drink her blueberry pomegranate smoothie--the bfast choice of least per request of this 12 year old!
And look at her now...just gorgeous.  She's still got that same fire in her, but she's got such a sweetness about her too...she feels deeply and puts her all into things.  She has a secret thoughtfulness about her.  She actually reminds me of me. :)  She makes me smile daily that's for sure!  I love you, Shelby Grace. The day we found out you were coming into this world was one of the happiest of my life...and the day we met you was evenmoreso (although you scared us with your heart condition) were an answer to one of my biggest prayers.  You were the little sister your big sis Hailey had wanted since she was 2.  And now here you are...12 years later...a big sister to three siblings.  You make us proud every day by how hard you work and how much you love life and put your all into things.  I think I read a paper you wrote lately that said you wanted to be a lawyer and it wouldn't surprise me at all if you end up doing have always had fight in you...and you have never been afraid to speak your mind :)  Love you, Shelby Grace...Happy Bday to our favorite 12 year old!

(I will try to post pics of our wonderful day of celebration next week.  I have got to get some shut-eye before our busy concert day tomorrow and early Mother's Day celebration. But Shelb had a great 12th and we had a wonderful time with Nina and Sue Sue here!) :) 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shelby Grace! We love you! Aunt Holly, Uncle Devin, DJ & Angel

Nancy Gritter said...

Happy Birthday to our awesome gal Shelby Grace! You are such a bright light in our lives! We love you to the moon and back! Xo Nina and Pops from Fl