Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sweet Potty Success!!

 Well, that day has arrived.  Potty Day!  Or Pee-Day as we like to call it!  And as you can see, it ended in success...sweet pee-pee success!  Here's a victory cheer after the first pee this afternoon!
 And let's backtrack a little...our day was busy...and potty training did not start til after 3pm...but the idea of it started much earlier.  We went to the mall to get some undies.  Truth be known he has plenty of leftovers from Dylan...but...I thought it might be extra incentive to let him pick out his own..and I had a gift card to Gymboree...so off we went!  Here he is swinging his undies outside the store!  Whohoo!
 Soccer ones and pirate ones...he was so proud of them :)

I found this on the internet (how to train a boy)...not that I don't know all this (though I am not sure we have the "right equipment"?), but I have trained 4 kids and 1 other boy...still it was a good reminder :)
  1. Let him watch and learn.
  2. Buy the right equipment.
  3. Help your child get comfortable with the potty.
  4. Motivate with cool underwear.
  5. Set up a training schedule.
  6. Teach him to sit first, then stand.
  7. Set aside some naked time.

 We tried first...but he just wasn't ready.  But he was being a corndog!
 Truly...a silly boy!
 He got a little forlorn the longer he had to sit.
 But he kept his humor about him :)
 Telling me he was done...in the nicest way...with no pee in the pot
 A new idea...switching positions and peeing on a cheerio.  Shelb's words were..."that just ruins cheerios for me". True that!
 I think it ruined the idea of Cheerios for Lo too.  The face says it!
 He's so sweet...even sitting on the pot!
 Singing a tune on the pot...ya' gotta make it interesting :)
 Love those sweet blue eyes...they melt my heart...even while on the potty :)
 His incentives...luckily we still have lots of Easter candy so the candy was free...and the stickers were old too.  And aren't the undies he picked out so cute!
 Happy with his goodies!
 LOL!  Apparently he grew up today!  He heated up his own mac and cheese. Seriously did it all by himself...he even pushed the right button and turned it on! 
 And here is where the sweet success occurred!  I was running after him..thus the blurry pic...and big bro was helping him. He was so excited.  He had started going pee on the blue rug and caught himself.
 This is his "thumbs up!"
 Love it.  A potty cheer!
 Happy with his prize!
 Big bro helping him pick out a sticker.  Bumm hanging out and all.... :)
 Potty chart :)
 He looks so big sitting in his boxers timing himself with his timer :)
 Chillin' in his pirate outfit :)
 Goofiest kid around...but I love him...he's so good-natured.  Of course after this he had an accident in his room and then hid in Dylan's bed with his pee pee undies.  D was not happy! 
 Telling us how bummed he was that we could not find Hailey's old potty anywhere....he really wanted to use it!  Maybe tomorrow, buddy....
 Chasing big bro around the yard in his undies!

And after this he went pee in the potty two more times...yay, yay, yay!  He is such a big boy and I am so proud of him. Makes me a little sad that he is growing up, but I know it's time.  Love you, underwear-wearing/peeing in the pot, buddy! 

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Nancy Gritter said...

YAY LOGEE!!!!!! Way to go buddy!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!! Love Ya! Nina PS, love your new undies!!

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!