Friday, May 27, 2016

We could get used to this...

Still lovin' these days of summer. I know the novelty will wear off at some point, but I must say that even though I had to leave the house today and shop and do a couple things I don't much was still so nice to come home tonight and take a shower and have no homework to check and have no activities to run to.  I like that.
 Here's a lil' rundown of summer day 3.  We officially have an outdoor bunny pet...we have to name him/her.  She comes around every morning now and sits on our back porch.  She didn't come back tonight, but I am guessing that is bc daddy was mowing.  Hopefully he didn't take away all her grass.  The kids enjoy her.
 While the kids were downstairs watching a movie this morn (Dolphin Tale?)...Lo was upstairs getting into trouble.  Busted!
 But since he was being pretty peaceful, I let him stay and watch his show on the ipad.
 Yes, we went back to school on the first week of summer break.  Not where I thought we'd be this week, but apparently one of our fav. teachers (Mr. Shute) needed to unload about 700 dum dums and he knows Loggy loves them so he gave them to us.  Score!  Lo was pretty excited.  He is used to getting one every time he goes to he can continue the tradition at home.
 Not my fav. thing to do...esp. with 4 kids...and esp. on Memorial Day weekend...but Kroger-run had to be done since we have two weekend outings we needed food for.  The kids were actually good though and all quite happy they could share in free cookies. :)
 Ashley's have a picnic on the driveway.  Keeps us from getting ticks (in the backyard). 
 Popping bubbles with chalk.  Genius!
 Love his squishy wrinkled up nose face :)
 A challenging game of PINT (like PIG and HORSE, but they made up their own word...not sure where PINT came from?)
 Some interesting shots were made.
 Some bossiness ensued.
 A brother stormed off and refused to play. Couldn't blame him. 
 A more peaceful afternoon of Legos with the other brother.
 And then our buds, Annie and Owen, came over to play for a couple hours.  It was hot, hot, hot, but I talked them into going to the playground for awhile to wear them out!
 We had a very short game of kickball. 
 Shelb finally joined us.
 I took a lot of cute, but blurry pics.  Poo...would have been sweet of Lo kicking.
 Sweaty and back to cool off.  The boys built a tent and wouldn't let Lo in. He was ok with that at first.
 But we finally talked them into letting him in...for a minute.
 The girls were cray cray...they were cracking themselves up over these fur real birds we have that record your voice.  Too funny! :)
 We ended the playtime with rootbeer floats. Yumm!
 I attempted a dinner that was prob. too complicated without a kitchen sink to use.  Of course only half of us liked it...the others picked half of it apart.  I'm not sure why I bother with anything aside from pizza and hotdogs.
 After dinner entertainment.  Don't ask.
 Never a dull moment!
And this is how the evening is going now...lots more Legos.  They took showers since this pic and are now in the same position doing Legos again.  And they kicked Lo out so he is watching the ipad in the other room. He is not complaining.  And I am done blogging at 9pm.  I like summer. 

Oh and our NYC girl scored 2 more tickets to see Midsummer Night's Dream (NYCB) tonight and tomorrow...lucky girl.  She will see it 3 times this week.  I have never even seen it.  Wish I was there.  4 more weeks and she will be living in Boston for the summer.  Wow, time flies.

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