Thursday, June 23, 2016

A beautiful Boston day!

Well, I admit, I wasn't so sure about this city, but after a busy day here, I think I like it. The architecture is beautiful is some places.  Almost makes you feel like you are in Europe or somewhere very quant. Just very neat little brownstones (different from NYC) and very cool, old cobblestone streets.  I can see why people like it here.  And we really only saw a very small portion of the city.

We decided to sleep in and overcome some exhaustion.  So by the time we all got ready and ate bfast it was like 11am before we left the hotel. I forget how long it takes for 7 people in one room (specifically one bathroom!) to get ready. Good grief!  But we hit the Boston road running and jumped right into the Freedom Trail. We decided to start the trail backwards bc it was recommended that families with kids do that. And this worked out for Kev bc it meant we toured the ships first. His fav thing. In another life he would have been a coast guard guy!  Anyway, we spent about 1/2 the day touring the Charlestown Navy Yard, boarding the USS Cassin Young, and USS Constitution and touring their museums. And in between we did take a detour to the famous Bunker Hill where we climbed all 294 steps to the top (even Logan!). A beautiful sight up there and worth all the huffing and puffing.😁  Logan even realized that there was an airport near us once he saw all the airplanes landing, and better is his namesake!  Not every kid that loves airplanes has an airport named after him. 😉   Anyway, we ended the day riding a ferry back to the navy yard. Another great view of the city. And in the midst of all the walking and touring we had some great food. Ate at the navy galley for lunch and Reginas pizzeria for dinner. We even got right in bc a big table had just cleared out. I felt like things just fell into place all day even though we really had no plan and less time than normal. This is rare for us, but we'll take it!  And we met a really great ice cream truck guy who told us all about the area we were touring. Nice guy and full of fun Boston facts. Plus we got yummy ice cream from him. And we are actually back at the hotel now. Have to get here early bc it takes 7 of us 2 hours to take showers. 😉   But it was a fun day and I think we all enjoyed what we saw of Boston.  I was actually surprised the kids liked learning some history (I am not a history person at all!) and they actually had fun following the red brick trail around Boston (plus they became junior Rangers and got to have their passport booklets stamped at each trail sight). And it's wonderful having our complete family together this week. Though I think we picked on Hailey a little too much about her lack of tan skin, so she'll probably be ready to get rid of us on Saturday.  We are grateful for the moments we get in her presence even if we tend to tease. 😁 Now off to bed and gonna tackle another Boston day tomorrow!  I promise I will add pics to these next week!  I miss my pics!

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