Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Busy Friend Day

It was a full day.  Not my fav. kind of day.  I feel like running around in the summer makes it feel too much like the school year. Blah.  But sometimes ya' gotta do it. And doing it for fun reasons makes it better!

 I got up early despite lack of sleep due to a cold.  But I haven't seen one of my best friends and best old neighbors (Jill!) in awhile and needed to catch up. And was soooo glad my fav. Maddie girl came along.  She's an awesome new graduate on her way to live and learn in Washington state. We met at a new coffee place in town...which is where she also had her grad party (which I had to miss, sadly).  Such a cool place. I loved this idea of putting a cacti/plant/succulent in a mug.  Might have to do this for Hays!
 Didn't take long for Lo to warm up to Mad and make her feel like family...doing karate chops on her and even licking her (only the closest of friends get licked!) :)  Maddie was pretty quick though too and had some slick moves!
 Lo fought back equally as well!  It was so great to catch up with them!
 A few minutes of quiet time on a rainy day with my Lo.  We read a bunch of books for our library reading log while also eating a cookie.  I have learned he stays captivated longer if he has good food to eat!
 We met new friends at the park near soccer.  It was so hot that at one point they were all sitting in the only shade they could find to stay cool.  Don't blame them!
 I wish D had been able to go (he was at another friend's house), but his friend caught this lovely long legged thing and had no qualms about it crawling on him.  Nice.
We moved to a more shaded playground at the same park.  Much cooler and a fun new place to play. I love this family...they remind me of us.  I love that Shelby is now good friends with Morgan and both their boys are the same age as Dylan and Ashley (and were also in their classes at school this year)...and they all were great with Logan. On the way home Logan told me, "They are so nice!".  You know someone is nice when a 3 year old says that! :)  We sadly only got an hour to play on the two playgrounds before the thunder and lighting and rain set in again.  But we did have fun for the hour of friend-time. 
 We had a little more Henry play time again!  Sue Sue had some goodies for us so we stopped by to get them and Henry was ready to run off some energy. The girls love him.  He played and played and had us laughing. He is a darling kitty!
 We finally got him to sit/play in his little brown box too.  Ash was proud of herself. And he played fetch with his wire coil. It was very cute. He is a smart kitty!
 We picked up this crazy kid from his friend's.  That poor mom...I am sure he raised a ruckus there!  But he had been begging for friend-time so this was much-needed by him! :)
 Supposed to be a nice pic of our pancake dinner, but I caught Lo in the act! Stinker!
Now it's movie night for them and early bedtime for me (sick still).  Shelb made popcorn for everyone and they are enjoying Nancy Drew. She is really into the books now, so has been checking them out from the library (which were probably ours anyway since we donated them all there :)). I did keep two that she is also reading. I used to love Nancy Drew books! 

I am ready for a good night's sleep.  Fingers crossed.

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