Friday, June 17, 2016

A day (and night!) at the farm

Well, it was another lovely day at the farm.  I really do think our friends should start charging admission or at least charge for summer camp!  Our kids love this place!  They were so sweet to have our kiddos all over today...all day...and then invited the rest of us out tonight for a cookout.  The kids were thrilled!  Can you tell who is our farm-lover...and who could not wait to do farm chores!?!  Hint...she's in this pic...ready to lend a hand!
And they surprised us with this in their backyard...a new pool!  Awesome.  The kids were in it all day long....all day!  Makes me wish we had level ground so we could put one in our backyard.  Kids love pools, but I see no point in having a permanent one in Indiana.  This one is perfect!
Lo and I had a fun day ahead of us...all shopping.  My least fav. kind of day. His too. But a cookie made it better.  Sorta.  This was the only fun face he could give me. :)
Finally after driving long enough, he fell fast asleep...with his new car he picked out for pooping in the potty again!
Back at the farm for dinner...they were still in the pool!  Lo joined them.
Why swim in a big pool when you can sit in a tin bin of that later Logan may or may not have have peed in.  Only Shelb.
Most of the gang.
The other cool girls around the corner.  Love that all these kids get along so well...and that they are all about the same age.  They had a fun day!
Guess what's going on?  Geode stuff!
Funniest kittens ever!  Seriously, I have never seen such cute kittens.  I remember Syd and Sam being this way, but I have never seen kittens chase each other up a tree.  Shelb is still smitten with them. I can see why.
Geodes were the thing tonight. Shelb has always loved them.
Running down to the creek to find more geodes.
And more pool time...a girl game, I think.
Someone figured out there was some fun going on with a hammer.
Her favorite kitten ever.  The runt...his name is Porky.  haha :)
She got to help with evening chores...she loved it!  Brushing Snoopy (the pony)...and picking poop out of his hooves.  Fun!
All the cats feasting...minus Porky who still wants to nurse, but his mama won't. So she gets milk.  They are all so sweet.
Catching fireflies!  Simple joys!
Evening on the farm.  Someone was racing to catch fireflies!
Can you guess what was still going on here? Geodes by night!
A great day at the farm...for the kids...and a fun evening getting to know new friends for us.  So grateful they are willing to share their farm with us.  They were so sweet when they asked us over again...they said..."We want to share what God has blessed us with".  I agree.  Love that motto!
And our two air hockey-ers this morn.  This is our farm...not quite as exciting...but we love our reality.  It works for us. :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwww, what a FUN day...that farm looks so so cool! What a fun place to just be kids!!! That one pic of Shelby holding the kitten is so funny( it looks like the cat has a long silver tail curling on the front of her shirt!) I can see Shelby is in all her glory at this home! Super fun!!! :) Nina