Saturday, June 4, 2016

A quiet Saturday...of relaxation and checking things off the list

 It was a lovely, quiet Saturday. Originally I had hoped to do something fun, but it's amazing how your perception of life can change when you get little sleep--expectations are lowered and home sounds even better.  I thankfully had recovered from my medication allergy, but I still felt like I had gotten hit by a mac truck...and honestly I could have napped all day.  But we had to get up (soccer!) off we went.  We really thought it would be a rainout, yet again, but the raindrops held off a couple hours. sweet of Lo and Daddy snuggling.  It didn't last long though...daddy yelled at him for something and he got in trouble and then snuggled up to me :)
 Supposed to be our last game of the season, but alas it was not...still have a couple more to go thanks to rain make-ups.  Rare to see a plane with message in the air here....more of a norm for FL...but it was fun to see it over our game. 
 Book worm and two busy runners behind her :)
 Poor D seemed off today. He is a bit injured (not sure what he did)...but I still got a couple pixellated pics...
 He had a few moments of hustle
 They had fun together :)
 Our rowdy cheer section...go Green Leprechauns!
 When the game was done, Lo wanted to leave pronto since it was raining...he ran out to get D with his chair in hand!
 Love this lucky green kid!
 This is how the mid afternoon hours went. I wasted my hours on GS final paperwork. Ugh, I cannot say how much I disliked leading this year.  Way too much responsibility for one person.  I could have taken a nap on the hours I was doing this today.  Not cool.  But my hubby was awesome enough to help me.  And more importantly, we officially signed up our girl for SAB again...yay!  And we started planning out our Boston trip...yay!  It all just takes so much time...time is not our friend.
 Some big boy was pretty excited to find a big pile of hand-me-down undies in his room!  A boy can never have enough man-panties!!  They are good buds when they aren't getting on each other's nerves. :)  It was just me and the boys tonight...very weird to be the only girl in the house...the girls had a double sleepover with sisters. :)
 Trouble on the Hailey potty...apparently not comfortable enough to relax and pee :)
 I guess this is more comfortable...standing on the potty while you squat and pee?
 And guess who ate his first cut up carrot (yes, he is a pickier eat than his big bro!)....but he ate that orange veggie and gave himself a thumbs up!
 Mama has too much fun with leftovers...but how can you not make a fry face with those curly fry eyes?!
 Guess what I talked the boys into playing!  And, yes, we had a special boy playing with us who had really good word skills :)
 We had shakes, watched Jungle Book AND played a game...we multi-tasked it!
 My manly hubby drinking his vanilla shake out of his princess cup. Hot!  Maybe that's what made him win the game...darn, he never beats me at Scrabble.  I count on him to have stinky English skills.
The helpiest helper of the night....lining up his scrabble chips all around the board...daddy loved this! Not.

A good day...but would have been better with a nap. Just wishing for more time in the days and more sleep and less busy work.  That's too much to ask, I know. :)

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