Monday, June 13, 2016

A (somewhat) productive day

 Well, today felt like we just moved in.  It was a rewind a year ago when we were doing this same thing.  Should have finished it then too bc it's no fun to revisit your old crap again a year later.  Ugh.  Thankfully the weather was nice and we pulled some of it out on the driveway and just dove in.  Kev took the day off and the kids were at his parents...and we just started picking away at this old cluttered garage.  This was the mess this morn....poor Kev...I didn't notice I caught him looking very grumpy :)
 Clutter, clutter, clutter. We have got to get ahold of this from now on.  Just tons of empty boxes from deliveries and Christmas stuff...and so many odds and stuff that had not been put away all the way from Halloween. Ugh.
 No idea what is going on here, but looks and smoke.  But my fireman was taking care of it. we need our old umbrella? I almost sent it to Goodwill, but decided we might need it during the day if we ate outside for lunch or were playing outside and needed some shade on these summery days. By evening when we eat dinner we don't need it.
 Just me and Captain American on a hot summer date in our garage.  Whoa baby :)
 Oops.  I packed a garbage bag too full of stuff and it broke.  Nothing like garbage all over the place to make ya' smile :)  Sorry, babe :(
 The finished product...after about 6 hours of work. Not too shabby.  We could almost fit a car in here...if we had a mini cooper or an electric one :)  The baby toy chest is on Craigslist or will go to Goodwill soon.  And we gave our big entertainment system away to Goodwill too (from our loft...along with that old tv)...and a couple boxes of old Christmas stuff.
 Before we knew it is was 5:30 and the kiddos were back from Nina and Poppy's! 
 And we were immediately off to the final pitch-in celebration for Shelb's GS our her friend, Maya's new house.
 Love their view...of our old trail. The kids had fun! Logan was in rare form.  Been a rough night with him.  I am thinking he has a poop coming!
 LOL!  Love this quote that my friend, Maya's mom, put on her wall in her kitchen :)  So true!
 We stopped by Sue Sue's to drop off some packing stuff for her upcoming move...and we met Henry!
 Such a cute boy...and so friendly and mellow and good with the kids.  Shelb was, of course, smitten :)  She is already hired as Sue Sue's official cat sitter.  I am good with the idea of our friends/family having pets so we can visit and be pet-free!
 Not sure what Henry thought of the boys, especially crazy Lo...but boys stick together so I think he will grow to love them :) He is sooo cute with his fav. little wire toy :)
All in all a good day...good as in productive, not fun :) :(  But we have got to tackle all this to feel more settled here. I am really struggling lately feeling uprooted.  Not sure why.  But had my normal unpacking breakdown today in the midst of the boxes and clutter.  Poor Kev.  Moving stinks...especially unpacking a year after you really moved :)

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Nancy Gritter said...

WOW!!!! It looks great!!! You got alot done!!! Love the wall hanging at your friends!! Too funny and so true!! Henry looks so layed back!! He looks so comfy with Shelby holding him!! Hes a cutie! xo Mom