Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another stay-day!

I think my new motto for summer is that each week we need a stay-day.  A day to just stay at home...do chores, do nothing, nap, whatever.  I like (and almost need) these down days...I think the kids do too (though they may not admit it)  Today was one of them and thankfully it stormed so there was no temptation to go outdoors. It was not necessarily a lazy day, but it was a stay-at-home-day (aside from the need to go to the blue mailbox down the road bc the postman came early) :) Here is our not-so-exciting day at home...
 I was under the weather today...Shelb had a cold and I got it...probably from one of our snotty kiddos last week at VBX.  I didn't sleep in, but she must have gotten up much earlier than her norm bc when I walked out my door, she had done our HUGE pile of laundry all by herself...w/o being asked.  And she was cleaning and organizing the loft for me.  A nice, unexpected thing to wake up to!  Thanks, Shelb!
Also unexpected...the other kids didn't need much reminder to fold and put away all the towels.  And someone little even learned to fold his own and was very proud of himself!
 He has moved on from chunky wooden peg puzzles to the USA...smartie!
 Their new fav thing...lunch in front of a movie. I considered the idea of earned screen time, but why do that? It's summer. And I really like my kids to just get up quietly if it's early and watch tv or read...not get me up early too!  I am ok with an hour of tv here or there.  Today it was Pokemon.  I see no point to that show, but they were mesmerized.
 Mess city!  It was gonna get done today.  It was not entirely D's fault. His brother is a mess maker, but the big prob is the clothes. I have sorted Lo's twice and put them in piles and have nowhere to put them (he has no furniture or closet space)...so they end up a mess on the floor again.  Today I took one of D's drawers and put winter stuff away and added Lo's stuff to a proper place!  It was a chore making the boys try on clothes and organize this all, but it's done.  And D spent all day cleaning up his room. He even washed his sheets.  This is rare.
 The boys actually made more progress than the girls.  They have waaaay too many clothes. I am tackling this another day or possibly after our vacation.  I find that kids function better with less stuff.  My motto is to clear it out this summer...possibly with them gone. 
 Not sure what was going on with shell and geode sorting. That was not on the agenda.  They get side-tracked easily.
 In the midst of things someone did #2#2 (or poop #2!) in the potty.  He had to show us, of course!  He may or may not have touched the poop as he pointed to it and then touched his hair. I am not confirming or denying this. :)
 Two more weeks to learn her intensive music...rather one week bc we cannot take the violin to Boston.
 Cutest thing ever...a 3 year old folding a towel by himself.  I am not sure why it caught me as so sweet, but it did. Or rather, maybe it's that THIS 3 year old did it. He rarely is still enough to fold anything and he's much more of the unfolder than the folder of things :)
 He was proud.  He even put it away by himself.
 He then helped load the dishwasher with Ash.  She was also amazing today doing dishes w/o being asked.  I almost don't recognize these helper kids but I will keep them and not complain! :)
 These two are turning into each other...or I guess Lo is turning into D.  Funny faces...silly ways.  They make us laugh especially at dinnertime.  They crack themselves up and Hays will be glad to know Lo is now chewing like his big bro.  Something to look forward to in Boston!
 What in the world? What are these things on our bay window sill?  We keep cleaning them off and they reappear?  These are dead ones, but there are live ones too.  They look like flecks of dirt...much smaller than they appear here.  Any ideas?  Our roses out front had bad worms...can this be related? Any experts out there on pests?  We can't figure it out. 
The end result of the cleaning day for the boys (pretty good!)...and a naughty boy who can now climb up in D's bunk without the ladder (using the window) and find his ipad.  Ugh.  This boy wore me out today. I thought the big poop might decrease the energy level, but no-can-do.

Glad we had a down day bc the next 5 are busy!

On a NYC side-note, apparently Hailey's last day of school was yesterday and I had no idea.  Only in NYC would you make your last day on a Monday (and this is w/o snow days!)  Crazy.  But she is officially done with 10th grade and almost a Junior. How in the world did that happen? She unfortunately still had three big NYC regent tests though (thus why she is not officially done like everyone else at SAB)...She will also officially be the last person out of the dorms next week.  Poor girl.  Alone in a big high rise.  Well, sorta.
 Here's an end-of-year goodie package we sent her.  Loggy loves making these candy cards...he goes a little crazy coloring them, especially for his Hayeeee!
 I am sure she rolled her eyes when she opened it, but we had to make her feel like the rest of the gang and send her one in NYC :)  And some well wishes from the gang below!  One week from today we will be on our way there...and a week from tomorrow we will be in the Big Apple and off to Boston the same day! 

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!