Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Back to boring

 Well, it's back to boring in the Steg household.  I guess I am ok with that.  Not all days can be fun in the city.  And the best way to get back to the basics is to just jump right in.  It was an early morning for us...Shelb had her church core group...and has it every morning this week.  So out the door we were to rush here there...she even gets to eat bfast at her sweet core group leader's house...yumm...they had her fav cereal (cin toast crunch)...so she was happy!
 It was officially chore day, but I let the younger gang veg for awhile. They built a tent!
 And played inside for awhile :)
 Then it was down to business...LOTS of laundry...a week's worth. I have not not done laundry in a week in a looong time.  That was numerous mounds of laundry...but they didn't complain. Even Lo worked hard!
 LOL...still makes me laugh to see a 3 year old folding a towel. :)
 Ash learned to sort and wash laundry today. 
 I had to sort through piles of mail (ick) and make a long list for Kroger and figure out recipes for the week.  It wasn't all that bad.  The kids made their own lunches.  It was fairly laid back.
 I think I might actually miss these guys in August when all of them are in school and they leave me empty nesting to do the Kroger-ing.
 Someone is planning out her secret county fair recipe...hint...it's something that daddy likes and involves cake flour. I have never used cake flour so we had to search for it.
 OOOOH!  So happy about his cool patriotic new car...that he got for being an awesome pottier in NYC and Boston!  He even pooped there...and no accidents!  Pooping and peeing in big cities is awesome and definitely HotWheels-Worthy! 
 Big news of the day. Free gum. You would have thought she won the lottery.  Gum is the new summer fun for our kids.  Simple joys.
 Best dishes-doer.  He never complains. He might not be super fast, but he does the job well!
 Violin while sibs play at her feet.
 Lots of violin practice.  Lots.
 Someone officially finished 10th grade today (I think)...and she wasn't even in the same state as her school. So odd.  Congrats, Hays...now onto the big Junior year!
 More violin. She loves her teacher...and she helped her so much with all the trouble she was having with her new, difficult intensive music.
 Playing away on the old Nina violin!
 She is now practicing at least an hour a day and going to class 6 hours a week.  That is 13 hours of violin! Yikes!  Hard to believe was only doing a few hours this time last summer.
 Taco Tuesday (Hays had the same thing as us tonight!) and some crazy shananigans going on about making faces through our glass candle.  Yes, we are weird.
 The dishes king.  He seriously never complains about it!
Talking to our Bostonian!  Apparently Shelby made her cry.  Not sure what was going on in that apt, but those ballerinas were hyped. 

That was the day.  Not real exciting...borderline boring. I hated not being outside on a nice day, but had to get the chores and unpacking done and get food in the cupboards.  It's always funk-ish getting back from vacation and getting back into life.  Sigh.

Hopefully tomorrow I can rehash vacation pics!

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