Monday, June 6, 2016

Back to the getting-up-early grind...VBX!

 VBX week at our church...and that means having to be up and rearing to go early!  But we were...we are such a chipper bunch!
Love these VBX-ers!  Lo's first time, I think? I know he and I didn't go last year since we just moved.  We did miss Hays helping us this year. Ashley especially missed her...She had her best bud, Maggie, as her leader, but there was still a void without our Hays :(
 Here's our quiet lil' room.  It really was pretty quiet for most of the morning.  Shelb read to the girls...Logan built a road...they other boys joined in later.
 These tiles were not as good at magnatiles, but still fun :)
They made cute lil' finger puppets :) (see picture below).  Loggy would not show me his for the picture, but he did like how it fit on his finger :) this a normal way for boys to want to sit on the potty?  He does this 100% of the time now.  No joke.  That cannot be comfortable. I would say we were waiting for him to fall in, but tonight he just about did...and he fell off and hit his head.  Anyway...I will say that he was awesome during VBX.  I volunteered in his room bc I knew I would be potty training him and I didn't want any accidents on anyone else's watch...but he went twice at church (his first time going in the mini potties)...I was very proud of him.  The kid who had to pee next to him right after this pic, did kinda look at him strange for squatting and peeing :) cute :)  I love 3 year olds...simple crafts!
 Lo is truly the pickiest eater, but he got super lucky for snack at VBX and they served cheese and apples. Score!
 My cute class.  They are the sweetest :)
 These boys were peas in a pod.  I didn't think there could be another Logan out there, but this little guy might beat him! haha :)  They were playing pirate ship here!  Ahoy Mateys!
 Seriously...sooo funny...they were buds immediately.  And during music time they danced and danced together...and then chased and tackled each other :)
 My fav. helper!  I was so glad she was willing to help in my class this year. Her first time not being a participant (middle schoolers are encouraged to volunteer). She was awesome helping me was my other helper.  We had fun in our 3's room, but I was sure exhausted by 12:30!  Go Camp Kilimanjaro!
 We tried to have a semi-leisurely afternoon.  Ashley read to Logan so he could get caught up on his reading log for the library.
 We did a very quick library jaunt and all got the 10 point prize.  YAY! And did our weekly challenge.
 The librarian even let us stamp our own reading log.  Nice!
 More books, more movies, more prizes!  Except Shelb...she doesn't get prizes til the end. It's tough being a middle schooler.  More patience!
 Fun with the sticky hand from the library...not so fun when he stuck it on our fireplace stone and it made a stain.  Grr....bye bye sticky hands...not allowed in our house!
 Also banned now...sharpies.  While I was taking care of more of Hailey's transcript issues, someone tried to write his name all over his new beach ball from the library and also wrote on my fav. blue chairs.  Grrr.  He was very sorry as he stood in timeout.
 A beautiful day.  We wrote our bikes/scooters to soccer practice.
We timed it right and got to see the train go by!  We hear it every day from our house, but we have never seen it.  Lo was happy! :)
 Such a scenic route.  Love it.  I think I love it more than our old trail.  It's so specious.
 Last soccer practice...last group huddle up.
 Someone did not want his shirt on. So off it went!
 3 crazy Steg kids...can you find them?
 Best news of Shelb's day....a turtle!  She swears she saw one as we rode to soccer. She hopped off her bike and was screaming and whooping and hollering...I thought she hurt herself.  Turns out she'd seen a turtle in this muck. We had no time to look for it then bc we were late for soccer...but on the way back we looked. We didn't see any...but we saw some eggs...and some bunnies!  Maybe next time the turtle will resurface!
 We dumped Lo with daddy on the ride home after we could made a fast return home.
 Off they went!  They left me in their dust!
And our "fun" tonight.  Daddy is less than excited about potty training. And we had some pee issues and another poop accident.  Some days are just like that.  We are working on it.  I can't wait til next week when we have a more laid back schedule.  Not liking early mornings.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!