Friday, June 24, 2016

Boston Day 2

Another Boston day under our belts. Things felt slow-going today. We had no solid plan and at the last minute just decided to go to Cambridge to let Hailey take her first college tour--Harvard, of course.  😁  And of course we got lost and confused about the tours (historical or admission) but jumped out of our van and ran up to a lady just as they were starting the tour and I think she felt bed for us and she actually jet us into the tour.  1,000's were touring that day so it was just a stroke of luck they let us in. Even shelb got to tag along. Not every day a 12 year old does her first college tour at Harvard.  I think we have two girls who want to go to Harvard now. I am thinking ballet is actually the cheaper option here. 😉Anyway, it was slow going after the tour.. Trying to find a bathroom (not easy at Harvard) and even the burger place we went to didn't have a toilet. Not cool for a potty trainer!  Since the touring took all morning and half our afternoon, we didn't make it to downtown Boston til late. We did get to sail around the pond in a swan boat and we met our bloomy friends there. Then we walked most of the rest of the freedom trail. Sadly most if it was closed so we just looked outside and took pics. We might revisit tomorrow. It was just a lot of walking and the kids seemed hungry all day and they just wanted to come back to the hotel and watch the new Disney movie. So that's what we did. Doesn't seem like we got a lot of tourist-ing done, but we did see some neat sights. My fav was watching Loggy play in the frog pond. He jumped right in. Our last full day with our NYC girl. Tomorrow she leaves us for 5 weeks. This week has flown by!

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