Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Halfway through...and yay for Dylan and his last (and best!) game!

 We have made it through hump day of VBX...yay!  I was feeling very drained yesterday, but today was better.  These are the sweetest group of 3 year olds!  I tried to get a pic of Loggy during the music part in the worship center, but my phone was full and would only take this pic.  But you can see Shelba doing an awesome job...and Lo is next to her (you can see his arms making the Kilamanjaro mountain :)
 Shelb went to her friend's house after VBX, so we just had a laid back lunch in front of Tom and Jerry.  I needed a down day and we couldn't be outside anyway since daddy just fertilized and a guy was working on our roof.
 Cool VBX craft.  Ash loved this. It was yesterday's craft, but she re-did it today and made it a different design.
 Proof that our roof was checked out once again...and this time fixed hopefully.  They ok-ed it last time, but this time a new guy came and rechecked it and fixed it.  YAY!  So glad we are not part of the major roof issues going on in our Beazer neighborhood.  I think they have a class action lawsuit going on in our 'hood.
 No pee issues today, but we thought we had to poop once.  False alarm. Still working on #2's. They are tough in more ways than one :)
 Walking to soccer tonight...we saw another bunny (two actually, but one had hopped away)  Still trying to find a turtle. Shelb is hopeful since daddy saw one walking across the trail with a leech on its back :)
 Dylan and I raced...I was pushing Lo in the jogging stroller...he was on a scooter. He won every time. I am getting old and slow!
 Chillin' at soccer...waiting to watch the final game.
 It was the sunniest soccer game ever...a bummer for it being the last one and me trying to get pics (cameras don't like full sun)...but oh well.  At least it was warm and no rain!  Silly daddy making a face at me...he should know better that I will post that!
 D got TWO goals this game...awesome!  This was one of them.  It was hard to see both of them with the sun so bright.  But he was so happy.  What a way to end the season.  After the game he said "this was our last game and my BEST game...and we won!" :)  Great way to go out!
 Awww...sooo sunny, but you can see Lo cuddled up next to Ash with her friend watching something. on the ipad/nook.
 Can you spot D?  Last time as goalie (one of his fav positions)...and Logan with Ashley and her friend.
 Dylan has shoe-tying issues.  Logan is trying to fix that since he is a wiz with knots and tying things up! cute.  Lo went over and hugged D after his game...he was proud of his big bro! 
 Proud of this soccer star!  He had a great season and a great team and great coaches. Go Lucky Lucky Leprechauns!
 Sometimes it's hard to believe we've had this boy for a decade.  He's such a good, kind-hearted kid.  Love him!  So proud of him!
 We ran half the way home.  Lo loved racing D...until I raced him up a hill and he fell out of his stroller.  Mom of the year!
 Love this gang...and love that we can walk/run/bike to/from soccer
 We stopped to look for snails along the way...sometimes there are tadpoles here.
 We went out to celebrate after.  Normally we wouldn't eat out and get a treat, but it was after 8pm by the time we got home from soccer.  And eating here was ultimately easier and no dishes!  Go, Jiffy Treat!  D was excited about his celebratory corndog!
 Not a shabby dinner.  Poor Lo slept through it so we ate his fries :)
 And our special dessert.  Yummy!  Thanks, Dylan, for playing soccer so we could celebrate! :)
Lo really never woke up, yet somehow we gave him a shower.  Poor kid.  This week of VBX has been busy and we are all wiped out....cannot wait for Sunday when we can rest!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Way to go Dylan!! Wish I could have seen your last game and TWO goals!!! That corn dog looks mighty good! I like your cross Ashley! Very pretty! Love you guys!! Nina