Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Dad's Day!


These are all out of order, but we are in the midst of Boston travel plans, so I cannot fret about it. Just wanted to say what a lovely Dad's Day it was.  It was probably not at all relaxing for Kev, but we tried to not have him do too much work and tried to pamper him with food he might like.  We probably went a little overboard, but with 4 kids wanting to do something special for dad you tend to have a lot of plans!  The only thing that would have been better about the day (besides less dishes and less cooking!) was if our Hays has been here. She is alone in her high rise.  Her one friend whom she thought was staying, went home.  Soooo....I know she wished she could have been home to see her dad.  Tis the life of a busy ballerina (who had nothing to do today, but go to church by herself and eat mac n cheese in her room). But this day isn't about her...or me...but about the best dad to my 5 crazy kids.  I love that God planned for him to parent with me. He is the perfect match to my nuttiness!  As I wrote in his card tonight, I realized that 14 years ago we prayed for this crazy life of kids.  We thought Hailey would be an only child.  Had that been the case, we would be empty nesters already.  Cannot imagine that! (though it does sound somewhat nice after crazy day of hearing kids fight!) :)  But in all seriousness, God knew we were destined for a house full of kids. It wasn't necessarily in our plan, but it was His. And He knew I needed the perfect father to corral all us crazies (including this nutty mom!).  So grateful for this man my kids call their father.  He is our rock and our peace keeper and our provider and the best guy around.  Love him and so appreciate him!

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Nancy Gritter said...

We love you too Kev! We thank God for you each day as you ( and Kel) raise our beautiful grands! I know it's exhausting but you are really an awesome Dad and have such patience! Looks like you had some mighty fine food on your special day! Xo Nina and Pops in Fl!

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!