Monday, June 27, 2016

Home Sweet Home...and jumping right back into it!


Well, we are home.  We pulled in 10 mins before we needed to leave for Shelb's 1st day of violin intensive at IU.  That was a little too close for me...but we like to live on the edge in the Steg household.  :)  I am just glad the drive is over.  For some reason it felt longer than FL even though it was a tad shorter.  It feels weird being home w/o Hays.  I am not sure why since we live w/o her most of the time, but I almost felt like we got a teaser of her for a few days and now we are home "minus one" again.  Sigh.  That is our life I guess.  But we did make the best of our time in the big cities...and we had some great memories.  I am excited to sort through pics this week and post them.  For now I am going to post just one random pic from each day on the day that I wrote.  I will try to go back and fill in pics as time permits this week.  So grateful for safe travels for us...a great time with good friends (Cil and T), a wonderful time with family, and fun touring new cities and places.  So far I think Hays likes Boston.  I got the impression she might like the city itself better than NYC, but we'll have to see at the end of July.  She seemed to have a great first day of class today, and oddly enough she had a teacher from NYCB who is an author and my mom is halfway through her book.  This is very coincidental bc she is not actually a teacher at Boston, but just happened to be paired with Hailey's 4B class today.  I think that's pretty cool.  Praying my Bostonian girl has a great summer!

 (pic above is our 2nd bfast of the morn at Krispy Kreme...we found one on the way home in PA that you can watch them making them...yumm!)

ps...I just noticed that 3 of the 7 pics I posted are boat pics...I guess that means we Stegs like to boat...row boats, ferries and swan, fun, fun!

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