Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to escape the everday distractions?

 Well, today was a frustrating day. Not sure if it was the blips that occurred here and there or the weather or what...but I would have have loved a nap or to at least be in bed by 9pm.  None of that was in the cards.  The day started out so good too...cin rolls and milk in a fancy bottle :)  Doesn't take much to make us happy in the morn!
 We were a little shy about pottying in front of mommy today...can't blame him!
 Trying to focus on the deed at hand while mama watches and takes pictures...
 Super goofball...but for good reason...he had his first pee in the "Hayeee potty"!  He was so excited bc it was soooo yellow (his fav color!)...usually his pee is diluted in the regular potty :) Dark yellow pee is the best!
 Wii first thing in the morning!  Can't even remember what this dance thing is called, but they were jammin'!
 Didn't take Lo long to join in....dancing in his undies!  lol!
While they danced, I cleaned.  I have decided to try to tackle one small thing each was the pantry. I am not done (thanks to dealing with Hailey's transcripts and getting sick and trying to get into the doctor)...but it does look much better now. I will take a pic when it's done. It's amazing to me how fast this pantry can get overloaded.  How we ever survived w/o one before is beyond me!
 We HAD to get rid of half the candy...some of which was from Vday and had been in a large recycle bag for many months.  It was tough, but we did it!  Each kiddo got a small container to put their top choices in.
 I thought I had really cleared out the candy, but come to find out, someone had made it his treasure in his pirate ship!
 I think someone was hoarding candy in his shirt...
 Cutest potty goer I know!
 When your mom won't let you have a friend over, you trade Pokemon cards with your lil' bro :)
 We played the game of Life. I love this game.  Playing it with a 3 year old was challenging though.  Shelb missed out...she was on violin duty.
 He finally ended up playing his own his undies :) He might never go back to wearing pants! haha :)
 He's done awesome again with the accidents...all dry all night for the 2nd night in a row!
I think he might be tired of me taking potty pics...and everyone else is probably tired of me posting them.  Haha.  Last potty trainer gets lots of pics though!  Lucky Lo!
 It was really a cruddy weather day...but when we had to leave to take D and S to a bday party, it got nice and sunny. Ash took advantage and shot some baskets.

 Lo packed up his car and was ready to go! 
While on facetime with Hailey, Lo went on the potty all by himself. I wasn't sure he actually went til I noticed his undies...not quite on the correct way :)
 Telling Hayeeee all about his potty successes :)
Chilling with bro and trying to steal some Hayeee time :)

Oh so exciting La Casa De Steg....but my heart and mind would just love time away from it all...I can't seem to be here in the house without the phone ringing for something or an email or text coming across that needs to be tended to. I long to just drop it all and not have any responsibility.  I need a vacation...with my children...and out of this house.  Not gonna happen anytime soon. Sigh.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!